Whitesburg KY

Marlowe was once known as Thompson Branch


Hello, everyone, hope you have all survived the past year. I am doing well with the help of God. It had been a good year.

We have some sad news. Two of our veterans died at the Veterans Center last week, Joseph “Shorty” Browning Jr. and Hagel Campbell.

Also, I got a card from Irene (Adams) Amburgey of Wellington, telling me her brother, James Adams, son of the late Bonnie and P.W. Adams, had died. I hadn’t heard about it. Our sympathy goes out to all three of these families. They were all our Marlowe friends.

Irene also told me there is a man in Dayton, Ohio, Michael Thompson, who gets The Eagle and loves reading about Marlowe. He said his mother lived there many years ago before it was called Marlowe. It was once called Thompson Branch. Maybe some of his family were who gave it the name. I heard they once lived in the old farmhouse where my family lived in the ’40s. All the houses are gone now except the ones the Marlowes lived in. I can see them from where I live now.

I had a nice visit at Letcher Manor with Camille (Combs) Fettering the other day. She’s such a sweet girl. I’ve known her all her life.

Norma Napier, another Marlowe girl, was there for rehabilitation. She had open heart surgery and was about ready to go home. I’ve got to call and check on her. We talked for about an hour and I heard all about her children. She already knew all about mine from The Eagle. I sure enjoyed seeing her.

Madge Combs was in dialysis and I didn’t get to see her. Lucinda Roberts was asleep as usual. I did see Katherine “Nannie” Frazier. They are all so glad to see visitors. You always feel good after being there, and thankful for your health. We never know what tomorrow holds.

My great-grandson, Rocky Day, son of Wendy and Kevin Day, had a birthday on New Year’s. Late happy birthday, Rocky.

There was a large birthday party for a little girl, Gracie Hatton, daughter of Sara and Chris Hatton, at Pizza Hut on Tuesday of last week. She sure got a lot of beautiful gifts and she loved them. She had more grownups than children at her party. She turned five years old. She had her grandparents, Linda and Larry Hatton, there and of course me, the great “Nannie”.

Earl King’s daughter, Earline, called me the other evening wanting Shirley Wells’s phone number. Of course I had it. I keep up with the Marlowe people. I’m sure Shirley enjoyed getting the call.

My son, Astor “Red” Hatton, and his daughter, Kathy Nelson, and her daughter, Caroline Nelson, and Taylor Shaffer, daughter of Brian and Jennifer Shaffer, all came to see Clyde. I met them there and we enjoyed being together. Kathy lives in Alabama and we hadn’t seen her since last Christmas.

We had a great New Year’s Eve service at our church, Whitco Pentecostal Faith Church, and we all enjoyed it so much.

I hope I haven’t bored you to death. May God bless you all and may all the sick feel better. Try to be in church somewhere this week.

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