Whitesburg KY

Martin Van Buren Bates to be honored with a statue

Thank you God for another week! It was a great week.

Our Colson seniors had a wonderful week. On Friday we had a hot dog dinner and sold a lot of dinners. Thanks to all who participated.

We enjoyed visiting with many friends and neighbors. Hopefully they all had as much fun as we did. I hope all who had a yard sale sold a lot of items. There were some great bargains to be had.

Haymond Days have come and gone, but the memories will always be around. I talked to Deanna Branham. She and her family were visiting from Tennessee. I hope everyone saw a lot of friends there.

My son-in-law, Greg Holbrook, and his parents, Charlie and Wilma Holbrook, went to the festival at Jenkins. They enjoyed spending the day together. Greg, Shari, Manda and Rylee came in Friday and stayed until Sunday afternoon. Charlie, Wilma, Clester and I look forward to their visits. Rylee is growing up so fast. Manda is going to Canada for a few days next week for an occupational therapy conference. She is looking forward to the trip.

Annette Isaacs was by for a visit this week. She is helping with the fundraising for a statue for her uncle, Martin Van Buren Bates, the Letcher County Giant. The Historical Society and some other organizations are in the process of getting the money for a statue for the giant. More details will be posted later. Be thinking about your donation to this worthy cause. Not many counties have the opportunity we have here, that we can say we had a giant among us. Maxine Quillen will be contacting a lot of you.

Get well to all those who are in need of healing this week. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Happy birthday wishes for Gina Whittenburg, Zandra Perry, Bettina Vanover and all others who are having a special day this week.

I can’t leave out a special great-niece, Miss Ashley Benton, who is celebrating her 13th this week. She had a party and it was awesome. We love you, Ashley.

Miss Kaylee Baker visited with her cousin Rylee Holbrook at her auntie’s house and they had a fun time. Of course, her Mamma and Pappa Baker came by too.

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