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Mask … or no mask?

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“I went to the grocery store without a mask today.” So said my neighbor just back from shopping.

I asked how many were maskless.

“Mostly it was the younger ones,” she said.

Which didn’t surprise me. The 18-29 year-old age group is the one with the smallest percentage of people vaccinated, according to a recent poll.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says we don’t need to wear a mask any longer, indoors or outdoors, if fully vaccinated. But a survey of U.S. doctors showed that over half disagreed with the CDC’s new loosened rule. A survey of nurses said the same thing, at an even greater rate. Both groups said the easing of restrictions is premature.

And if the loosened mask restrictions were supposed to encourage people to get the vaccine, it failed spectacularly. A recent Kaiser poll revealed that 85% of those who don’t want the vaccine don’t care about the mask rule.

We have so many young people here where I live with no masks and no vaccine. We have a big population of seniors with underlying health conditions that make getting COVID even more dangerous. We have a wide variety of variants now with no clear indication about whether the vaccines cover those.

I only need look at our local statistics to know the virus is not only still with us, but in some cases it’s getting worse. We have more people in the ICU than before, and more of them are on ventilators than we saw before. While they don’t release the ages of people in the ICU, it’s known here that the patients are mostly the younger ones that object to the vaccines … and masks.

Am I ready to go to the store without a mask? No, not yet.

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