Whitesburg KY

Masons give visits, hugs, roses


Elsie, the widow of Bert Banks, and Virginia, the widow of Myrel Brown, and I’m sure other Masonic widows, were happy to receive a Valentine’s Day visit, a hug, and a beautiful red rose from the Masons.

Elsie also got a pretty floral arrangement from her niece, Christine Gatton.

We’re getting to see a little more of Jason, Amanda and Eli Brown. Amanda, who is in the doctorate program of nursing practice at East Tennesseee State University, is doing some of her clinical rotations at Leatherwood’s MCHC.

Eli is rotating among his mamaws and papaws and grandpas and grannies, Mamaw Vickie Baker and Lee, Great- Granny Lillian Akemon, Papaw Doyle Wright and Deena, Great-Grandpa Mitchell Wright, Mamaw and Papaw Eula and Randy Brown, and great-grannies, Mae Boggs and Virginia Brown.

He is a star amongst all of them. Fortunately, he’s not much affected by spoiling.

Jason stays busy catch- ing up with people and things.

Doris A. Banks sends her sympathy to the family of Anice Jean Caudill, who died Feb. 18. Anice was the mother of five sons, Glen Collins of Cowan, Greg, Orville and Wayne Collins of Rockhouse, and Danny Collins of Hawaii. She has two sisters, Doris Caudill of Indiana, and Ann of Florida.

Linda Combs sends happy birthday wishes to Hubert Bays of South Carolina on March 5. He is the husband of Thelma Cook Bentley Bays. She worked at Hoover’s Department Store.

Also, happy birthday to Mel Sutphin, husband of Yvonne Brown Sutphin of Lynchburg, Va., on March 7.

She wants us to remember Dana Ison Walker and her daughter, Kim, in our prayers.

This from Mae Boggs:

“I want to thank all my family and friends for joining me on my birthday party. They were from Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, Alabama and Kentucky. That meant more to me than any oc-

I’ve ever had. I sure enjoyed every minute of it. As they say, ‘Give me the roses while I live.’

“I want to thank Pine Mountain Grill for the good food and the good, friendly hostesses. I counted about 135 guests. I won’t mention names because I might leave someone out.”

“I can’t believe I have lived 90 years. I guess God has His reason for everything.”

“ I’ve seen bad times, good times and hard times. To me the good times make the bad times disappear (with God’s help).”

“I am proud of my family and my children. I went through good times and bad times with some, but I hung in there and they all turned out to be good, loving children.”

“I would like to see the rest of them turn their lives over to God. Don’t ever give up on your children. Just live the life you want them to live.”

“I thank God for letting me live and raise my children. That was my daily prayer to let me live to see them all grown.”

“Thank you.”

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