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Mass shootings: Enough is enough

How many more times will we read about this stuff?
Gun violence, mass shootings — enough is enough.
How many more shell casings found at the scene?
Before we start to look away from the screen.
How many tears will fall for a lost one
A mother, a father, a daughter, a son.

How many days will we spend weeping?
Until we wake up from this nightmare we’re sleeping.
How many candles will be burned in the night?
Before we stand up and get ready to fight.

How many names will be scrawled on white crosses?
Until our nation starts counting its losses.
How many sons and how many daughters?
Won’t be tucked in by a mother or father.

How many guns, bullets and shooters?
Does it take to get out from behind our computers.
How many phone calls won’t be returned?
Before it sinks in and the lesson is learned.

How many more shots will be fired at the masses?
Leaving empty seats in graduating classes.
How many more places will be put on alert?
Until we can grieve and put an end to this hurt.

How many pleas to officials and letters to leaders
Will it take to put an end to the bleeders?
How many cities will be placed between # and strong?
Before we realize we had it all wrong.

How many more stories will become breaking news?
Until we realize that we all will lose.
How many prayers will fall on deaf ears?
How much anxiety will play on our fears?

How do we make this gun madness stop?
When we’re all afraid to go out and shop.
Hindsight’s 20/20 is just an excuse.
These animals need caged, not let on the loose.

Some folks are scared to walk down the street,
Until shootings and violence become obsolete.
But what is the answer? When will it end?
Likely with more gravestones to tend.
— The State Journal, Frankfort

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