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Massachusetts residents make origami cranes for our bakery


Katie and Abby Osterman of Ashfield, Mass., sent a thousand origami cranes made by Ashfield residents to Black Sheep Bakery. From left to right are Roy Tackett, Michelle Bentley, Jayden Sturgill, Mary Roberts, Evelyn Rose and Gwen Johnson.

Katie and Abby Osterman of Ashfield, Mass., sent a thousand origami cranes made by Ashfield residents to Black Sheep Bakery. From left to right are Roy Tackett, Michelle Bentley, Jayden Sturgill, Mary Roberts, Evelyn Rose and Gwen Johnson.

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A few weeks back I went out the door here at the community center and lo and behold there were two cranes in our parking lot. I could not believe my eyes. What were they doing here? Why ever would they touch down here? When I walked closer they took wing and flew over into the creek. Moments later they flew away.

A couple of weeks later I was asked to be a speaker about a project I am involved in. The event was an online church service with folks in Massachusetts. During the service someone mentioned they had been making origami cranes and that cranes symbolize peace. I shared about the cranes I witnessed on our campus. Two young sisters, ages 10 and 12, in Ashfield, Massachusetts wanted to do an outreach to Appalachia. Then and there it was proposed that they make origami cranes to send them to Black Sheep Bakery. I shared that we would be honored to receive the cranes.

This paper crane is now decorating Black Sheep Bakery.

This paper crane is now decorating Black Sheep Bakery.

The children put colorful papers on the porch of the hardware store in the village. Folks of all ages came and got the papers and constructed cranes for the project.

A month later a large mysterious box arrived by delivery truck. We thought it was supplies we had ordered. Upon opening, we discovered it contained a big plastic tote filled to the brim with paper origami cranes. There were one thousand of them so colorful and of all different sizes just like the people who made them. What a joy to our staff to know that people cared enough to spend hours on a craft to bring smiles in a place and people a thousand miles away.

We have made garlands of cranes and have them hung them in the bakery. You really should visit us to see them. They make it look like we are always having a party.

On Sunday we met Katie and Abby Osterman on a Zoom meeting. They introduced us to their baby chicks they are raising. They are the amazing young ladies who had a vision of outreach to Appalachia that caused their whole village to get on board. That vision has truly decorated our lives here at Black Sheep Bakery.

These letters were written by two Ashfield, Mass., sisters to Gwen Johnson of Black Sheep Bakery.

These letters were written by two Ashfield, Mass., sisters to Gwen Johnson of Black Sheep Bakery.

Thank you, Abby and Katie! We hope you and your chickens thrive. We will always remember your bright labor of love in these dark times.

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“Because all our children are above average.” Garrison Keillor

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Lost Lamb Productions: There is a space that has been made to market craft items inside on consignment. If you are interested in marketing your art with us, please let us know. Three venders have brought their wares so far. Our three venders are making sales and making some money. When you visit us you can check it out.

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