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Master’s Harmony group performed at Little Cowan Primitive Baptist Church


In the photo are (front, left to right) Libby Honeycutt, Janet Napier, Juanita Caudill, (back) Ella Caudill and Helen Roberts.

In the photo are (front, left to right) Libby Honeycutt, Janet Napier, Juanita Caudill, (back) Ella Caudill and Helen Roberts.

Hello everyone – I hope you have a Thanksgiving celebration planned with family and/ or friends. Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful. I know that’s rather cliché but sometimes a reminder is needed to be thankful for whom one has in one’s life. Other than family and friends, I’m thankful to live in Letcher County.

My sister-in-law, Faye Campbell, is home. It’s good to have her home. We have been playing cards most nights. Getting back into a routine is nice. Faye’s son and daughter-in-law, Mark and Kathy Myles, fixed breakfast one morning and we were invited. It was a good breakfast and I ate too much.

Debbie and Jeff Vice of Flemingsburg made a quick trip in their place on Kingdom Come. We met them at Pine Mountain Grill for lunch and had a good meal with them. They visited John and Faye Campbell and then came over to visit us some more. It was good seeing them.

While at the Pine Mountain Grill, I saw Janet Napier and Juanita Caudill. It was good seeing them for a few moments.

Janet Napier, Juanita Caudill, Ella Caudill, Libby Honeycutt, and Helen Roberts had a nice lunch in Norton, Virginia. They ate at The Cider House. The ladies are some of the daughters of the late Nelson and Phoebe Fields.

Michael Campbell of Newport came in over the weekend to visit his dad, John and Faye Campbell. It was good seeing him. He did watch the Kentucky football game with his papaw, Glen Brown of Whitesburg.

Several of my cousins, Robbie Ison, Kae Fisher, Doris Ison, Donna Watts, and Ernie Ison, lost a cousin this past week. David Layne Stamper passed away on November 20, 2019. He is survived by two sons: Jason and Michele Stamper of Cowan, Matthew and Angela Stamper of Premium. He is survived by two brothers: Doug Stamper of Letcher and Lonnie Ison of Letcher. Condolences are sent to the family.

When we moved from Ohio to Wyoming I would see people in Wyoming that reminded me of people in Ohio. Now that we are in Kentucky, I see people in Kentucky that remind me of people in Wyoming. It can just be the way someone wears a hat or a shirt or a person’s built or haircut or even their walk. When I see someone that reminds me of someone else, I always do a double or triple look. I think we all get reminded of others by someone else. It’s one way to always think about the people in your past.

The music group Master’s Harmony performed at Little Cowan Primitive Baptist Church on Sunday. They are a talented group. Their voices blended so well together and the songs that sang were so touching. I enjoyed listening to this group. Members of this group are: Charlene Mason, Ronnie Maggard, Ray Smith, and Marvin Boggs. I am so glad they were able to attend our church and sing for us.

The social media quote of the week is attributed to Al Green: “I’m thankful for every moment.”

If you have any news, please email me at Cowannews@aol.com. Thanks. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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