Whitesburg KY

May need to wear long johns for Easter

Happy Easter everyone!

Make sure you have your long johns on when you wear your pretty Easter garments this year as we have such mixed up weather that we are now having winter instead of spring! Oh well it could be worse I guess.

The magnolia trees are in full bloom along with a tree that has pink blossoms. Daffodils are everywhere and so beautiful for my eyes to see. My lilac bush is covered with buds and young leaves so I will not complain too much as long as everything isn’t frozen out.

I will be so glad when I can go sit on my front porch or the deck out back. I can’t ever remember living in a house that didn’t have a porch, even growing up in the mountains at Roxana.

After Mom would finish with supper dishes and mopping the floors, sometimes she would take a little rest and talk to us children about her growing up years on Big Branch. How I wish I could recall every conversation we ever had.

Southern Ohio

As I sit on my deck I can recall each of my children in their growing up years, and sometimes the tears stream down as I recall the laughter of each of them. From skating on the concrete pad to playing hopscotch and basketball, I am so thankful my children had the great outdoors to grow up in and not cooped up in an apartment.

This has been a rough week for me as I have been very sick again so I haven’t been in touch with anyone. I did talk to Betty Kelly, and Betty’s sister Corrine isn’t doing very well.

Doyle and Betty Ison, I will be glad when you two are feeling better.

Les and Pat Wagner are spending Easter at home although James and John Ison are trying to entice them to head for the mountains.

I will be spending Easter at home as I still can’t eat and I don’t want to be around all that good food.

Ricky Caudill has posted such good looking food on Facebook, and all I have to say is for those who can enjoy eating, you had better do it while you can.

My little sidekick Bennie Wiederhold is looking forward to the Easter bunny.

Well I’m so sorry folks, until next time.

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