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May the new year bring you much joy

Well! I’ve made it another year, and I thank God for His gift of another year.

I had a year of sadness and sorrow, losing so many of my precious family members and good friends that I’ll miss so much. I know God needed them to come home to rest, and they will rest .

My dear brother had suffered so long and so bad. He wanted to go. He held my sister Judith’s hand and lifted it up toward Heaven to let her know her was ready. He couldn’t talk, eat or drink and he won’t have to be hungry or thirsty or in pain anymore. When he wakes up he will be well and so happy to really be home forever, with all his loved ones and God the Father and His precious Son Jesus.


“Oh! Won’t it be wonderful there —

Having no burdens to bear

Angels all singing

Joy bells all ringing

Oh! Won’t it be wonderful there.”

By George Jones

So, it will also be for my sister-in-law Jewell, and Julie, the sweet young mother that had to go and leave her two babies and our young friend Ronnie Morgan and Jerry Wayne Cotter.

Now a great friend has gone also, a great Christian man of a church I used to go to with my cousin Tannie Cornett. His songs were so beautiful and his guitar will be silent now. He could make your heart feel so good to hear him sing and play. It seemed to just roll out of his very soul. But one day he will sing for all the ones we miss so badly, and they will love it like we did here. His name was Lloyd Wood. The church is on Rt. 7, down toward Hazard. My cousin Tannie goes there every Sunday. She will miss Lloyd’s beautiful songs and his helping her carry food to the kitchen when they had dinner at the church.

My brother-in-law Don Disney has been suffering badly with kidney stones for quite a while. The doctor has been trying to get it burst up so it can pass. He is feeling a little bit better lately.

That is a bad, bad thing. I used to get them so bad. I had parathyroid surgery and I finally got over that. I had surgery with one large stone while in Indiana at my brother Emory’s one time. It was large and he said I had to get it out when I went to the doctor. Then later I had to go to a doctor while at my son’s home in Nashville, Tenn. They burst them up and then they did parathyroid surgery there and I don’t have trouble anymore. It was really bad.

All of my sons have had them over the years. David has one hurting him at this time. He just tries to cope with them as best he can.

I received a Christmas card from one of my classmates who lives in Washington State. She said the weather had been so cold there, and winds and storms and a lot of snow. Just a bad time for them. They live in Port Angeles, Washington. They can hear the ocean in the Puget Sound from their home.

They got married just after we graduated from high school and both were teachers for all the years until they retired. They have lived there all their married years. She said they are going to try to come to Kentucky this year. Her husband Estill Cornett has family here. They never did have children.

They came down one year and our class went to Gatlinburg, Tenn. and rented a condo, seven rooms plus kitchen, dining room and a living room and game room. It was so good to spend time together for four or five days. The condo was way up on the top of a mountain, very secluded. We could watch the moon come up at night. It was beautiful.

Those were just some of the good days we got to spend together. The men loved to listen to some funny tapes and tell jokes. The girls play checkers and Rook and Monopoly and just talked a lot about our lives and families and how we loved our days at school in the ‘40s. We graduated April 1, 1949. There were only 13 of us. We felt as close as family, Reba, Vivian Huff and me when we were seniors.

Now all are gone and only three are still living. We just lost Bob Akemon on Dec. 2, 2106. He was one of our good players on the basketball team, tall and strong and very handsome. Glennon B. Ison, Charles Burton Cox, Coburn Ison, Van Roark, Donald Shepherd, Glen Roark, Kenneth Ison for a while, George for a while, Arlie Whitaker for a year then he left for Stuart Robinson.

Well, precious memories fill my heart this New Year’s Day and they are so great to remember. So many are silent, but we will be home again someday forever. I truly loved them all and always will remember them like family members.

Hello to all out there in Eagle land. Nancy (Franklin) Darien in Mesa, Ariz., all my cousins and family members in Indiana — hope all are doing good and enjoyed seeing a new year come again. I stayed up to watch it on FOX. They estimated to be over a million people in Times Square. That’s a lot of people. I’ve never been in a crowd that big. It would be frightening to me.

I went to the Indianapolis races one time and there were a lot there, so maybe it was a million. I don’t know. I went to an Elvis Presley concert there also. It was packed. I also went to New York City and went up in the Empire State Building on the 81st story at nighttime. It was beautiful to see the lights everywhere. We rode down the Potomac River to see George Washington’s home — 18 miles on a catamaran in the D.C. area. I got to see the Twin Towers also and went to see the Liberty Bell and to the Statue of Liberty and Capitol of the U.S. and the White House and the Pentagon Building. I also saw the Hope Diamond in the Historic Building and so much more. I went with my niece’s class on a tour bus. It was a great experience. We went two years in a row.

My son Roger Dale called me today from Pawnee, Ill. They were all doing good and will try to come home sometime soon.

They moved last year from Old Hickory, Tenn. Susan’s family all lives up there and Roger’s son Dustin.

Well, happy New Year to everyone. I hope all will be good for all and our new president Donald Trump will lead our beautiful country in a great way for everyone.

God bless all.

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