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Maybe they won’t ‘get over it’

Did you ever wonder why you did something or said something and couldn’t figure out the reason why? I’m sure we’re all guilty of that.

You may do or say something which seems sensible at the time, and yet when you stop to contemplate your actions at a later day, you can’t find even one good reason why you acted in such a manner. Not only can you offend someone with a slip of the tongue, but you can make yourself look a little off-balance, too, by sticking your foot in your mouth, so to speak.

The sad part is someone who does this on a regular basis is not likely to apologize for what they do or say. Usually they will say, “Oh, they’ll get over it.” Hurt can run pretty deep sometimes and quite a few individuals never get over it and the offenders lose their credibility.

I often wonder why someone will go to great lengths to criticize other people, trying to make themselves look good in the eyes of the public. A long time ago you didn’t see so much of this going on, but in today’s society you see it happen on a daily basis.

My policy is and always has been to believe nothing I hear about someone and only half of what I see. Some people even go as far as to spread rumors about someone in order to ‘get back at them,’ while believing that it makes themselves look good in the public eye.

As we all know, a rumor gets bigger as it gains momentum from one set of ears to another. A lie is a lie no matter what direction you look at it from.

Personally I had rather someone slap me than to lie to me. If someone slaps me I can at least turn the other cheek and let them have a go at it, too. But then again, if someone lies to you what is there to do except forgive them?

Forgiveness does not erase behavior. A liar is like a thief because they can get away with it and I doubt very seriously if they ever stop to think and wonder why they do it.

If a thief is successful he or she will no doubt keep doing it. If a liar thinks people are believers it is sure to be repeated over and over. I suppose it is somewhat like a druggie or alkie. They see no harm or wrong in what they do. As long as it makes them feel good they are of the opinion that it is not morally wrong

If some innocent individual gets hurt or offended by their actions they will probably just say, “Oh, they’ll get over it!”

And that’s all from the funny farm till next time.

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