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Mayfest was lots of fun

Hello everyone!

Are you enjoying the beautiful weather? Well, don’t get too used to it as a cold spell is heading our way and you may get it also.

Somehow Memorial Day has slipped upon me. How many remember when Memorial Day was called Decoration Day? That is what I still call it most of the time.

I would like to be able to go to my parents’ graves but the roads is not good enough for me to take my car. It is a shame that Letcher County won’t fix the road to the Coots cemetery since there are a couple of veterans buried there. My dad is one and Stevie Ray Gibson is another one. I really don’t know if there are other veterans or not.

If my health holds out, before cold weather I am going to see about leasing a small SUV and head for the mountains. That way I will be able to get to the graves. It will be my luck to get partway up the mountain and have to back down. I would hate to leave a rented vehicle and walk, as I sure couldn’t back off that mountain.

Thursday afternoon, I did a spur-of-the-moment decision to head for the mountains I love so much. As everyone knows I usually plan a trip around Carcassonne Community Square Dance and Campbell’s Branch Community Center. I am so glad that Campbell’s Branch has music every Friday night. They also serve a hot meal before the music.

Thursday morning, I worked four hours. When I got home I was tired, however I had some things that needed to be done. Finally everything was packed in my car. I looked like the Beverly Hillbillies traveling.I usually take a portable DVD player to listen to my CD’s plus I can watch movies at night. I have misplaced it in my house.

This time I took a radio that plays cassette tapes. I grabbed about 20 old cassettes that I had taped years ago. This was the best decision that I could have made. I listened to the radio as I was lucky enough to get WMMT, then later WTCW, which played old country music and for me to say it was good, you better believe it. I left my house at 2:30 p.m., arrived at the Campus Dorm around 6:30 p.m.

This was the best decision that I’ve ever made. I didn’t miss television, nor the computer. I even picked up my paper and pen and wrote a little.

I called my niece Sue Hall to let her know I had arrived. Sue asked what I was doing the rest of the evening. I laughed and replied I was going to bed. Actually I did think about going to Blackey to see if there was picking at the park. I was just too tired to go.

On the drive to the mountains, I began to get cramps in my hands. As if that wasn’t bad enough my right leg and foot started to cramp so bad, I had to pull over for a tad bit, take my shoes off and drive the rest of the way in my socks. It seems that I have developed arthritis in my body, which I didn’t know until two months ago. Well, I do now as Friday morning I could barely get out of bed. After a shower and some exercise I was able to walk.

I spent some time with Sue, as we met at Libby Smith Bow Barns and Antiques, where we were looking at the Paparazzi Jewelry. We arrived at a time that Libby wasn’t really busy so it was great to spend time with her. I was in a silly mood so I found a ring, bracelet and earrings to match. I was debating on getting them, but my niece Sue got them for me for Mother’s Day. Thanks, Sue.

Then I followed Sue to Whitesburg, then it was time for me to head back to the dorm to get ready for the trip to Campbell’s Branch. I must say as much as I love Sunrise Ridge Band, I really enjoyed Friday night as Fred picked the banjo at a little slower pace than my cousin Jack Adams. Actually I think I danced about every fast dance. I even had the pleasure to see Bordius Adkins dance. This guy’s feet seems to literally float on the floor.

It was so good to spend a little time with Alice and Darlene. I really enjoy the little bit of time we get to be together as they are both very busy girls. Carol Brown, it was wonderful to spend time with you, as you are one busy person at Blackey Days.

Now Saturday morning was a repeat of Friday morning as it seems I am having difficulty getting out of bed to start my day. I took a drive towards Roxana then up Kingscreek ,then discovered I had left directions at home to Phyllis Caudill and Annette Akers. As I passed a sign I thought it sounded familiar, I backtracked and followed my instinct. Someone was working in the yard and I didn’t want to disturb them as I wasn’t completely positive I was at the right place. When I got home I called Annette, yes, I was right in front of her beautiful home.

I didn’t get out of my car, however I don’t believe you could have found a blade of grass disturbed. The garden was a dream come true. How I regret not stopping to make sure that is where she and Russ lived. Please keep Annette and her family in your prayers as she is losing her brother. I can say truthfully I know this pain. Annette’s parents, Fred and Maxie Ison, have been gone for some time. Fred was somehow related to Dad and Mom. Annette was close to my brothers and sister, of course I was gone from home by the time my parents moved to Hot Spot. I was there just a short time.

Whitesburg held an event, May Fest. This was my first time to attend. There were vendors set up on the sidewalk. Libby had Paparaz Jewelry. I met her handsome twin brother, who was helping Libby. I really liked him until he brought a delicious looking pizza, just kidding. It was a pleasure to meet him. I ventured up the street to look around and found a seat close to the bands. I will say one thing, you didn’t have any trouble hearing. Summit City was the busiest place in town, I do believe. They were kind enough to let people use their restrooms. If you ever want entertainment, find a place to sit and people watch.

Sue had to go someplace so I had started back to the dorm when Bessie Shepherd appeared. We sat and talked until almost the end of the bands. It was really good to spend time with Bessie. Now it is a good thing people can’t read other people’s thoughts as Bessie and I would be long gone by now.

Friday, I took a few minutes to stop by Letcher Manor to check on Steve Stamper, as I’ve wanted to meet Steve in person for several years. I wanted to meet his wife Pat, but it was not the right time then it was too late. Steve had been sent to Whitesburg Hospital. I stopped at the hospital to no avail, as Steve had been transferred to Pikeville Hospital. Steve Stamper, I did try to visit.

I was in such a hurry when I stopped at Letcher Manor as I was to meet Sue at Walmart parking lot, that I didn’t take the time to stop by to sat hello to Linda or Shirley June Whitaker. Then Sunday evening after returning home I read on the computer of Shirley June passing away. Some time ago Shirley June got in touch with me as she wrote me a letter that actually hurt me to the bottom of my heart. It taught me a valuable lesson as I will never legally put anyone as power of attorney, be it family friends or anyone, as long as I have the ability to take care of myself and in control of my thinking.

I’ve been asked the question, what do my children think about me going to places? My children don’t pay my bills or support me financially. God made a way for me to get a new car that is dependable. As long as I can drive I will be on the road again. Life is uncertain. I have no baby, no animals and no boss. I am not hurting anyone, except myself.

The only time I don’t hurt is sit very still, to heck with that. As I said I have developed arthritis in my bones. I was told two months ago I need a shoulder replacement, as I have bone on bone. I will get it done when it hurts bad enough. For now I have a little more things to do.

I called Ann Calihan to let her know I had gone to the mountains and was back home. Ann and Johnny are such wonderful people. I hope how quick their daughter Sue Wagner gets to relocate back to somewhere close to Johnny and Ann.

Hello to Les and Pat Wagner and all their family.

Carcassonne Square Dance will be held at Seedtime on the Cumberland for those who attend and reads my column. I will post more next week.

I didn’t get to meet Mike and Marcia Caudill at Campbell’s Branch as they had their son Matt and his family for the weekend.

Sunday when I arrived home I walked into a mess in my living room as my son Keith bought a new air conditioner. Keith is not a comparison shopper. He went to Best Buy, which is not always a best buy.

Keith had to move several things to get to the window. He had boxes, white Styrofoam and everything else strewn all over the living room as he had gotten disgusted and walked away from trying to put it together. After some time Keith finally got it installed.

I was so tired that I couldn’t do too much so Keith picked up the worst and now I have to get the rest back in order.

It is time to get this on its way.

Until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Rd., Harrison, Ohio 45030, email Bluegrassmama4@aol.com.

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