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Mayking man helps rescue Perry judge from attacker

A Mayking man is being credited with helping save the life of a Perry County district judge who was stabbed five times while she ate lunch at a Hazard restaurant on Friday.

Victor Gainer, of Golf Course Lane, said he first thought the attacker was just patting Judge Leigh Anne Stephens on the back in a friendly way at the Circle T Restaurant before he realized he was stabbing her with a pocketknife.

“He reached his arm back really far and I saw a knife,” said Gainer, a student engagement advisor at Hazard Community and Technical College. “I hollered out and he turned around and looked at me.”

Gainer said after he yelled “Hey! Hey!” Stephens had enough time to get away from Ronnie D. Brock, who appeared in Stephens’s court on a domestic case in 2004.

Gainer then grabbed a chair and used it to push Brock before throwing him out a window. Gainer followed him through the window and held onto him until police quickly arrived.

Gainer said when Stephens first entered the jam-packed restaurant, she spoke to several people before sitting down at the first booth near the door. He said Brock slowly walked over to Stephens, not making a scene.

“It all happened so fast,” said Gainer. “Really I was in shock. You really wouldn’t know what was go- ing on until she was really screaming.”

Brock has been charged with attempted murder. Stephens was treated at a local hospital and released.

“I could feel him cutting me, but I didn’t realize he had a knife,” Stephens. “I just kept screaming, hitting and trying to get away.”

Gainer said he has heard that the Circle T Restaurant is one of Stephens’s favorite places to eat. Friday was probably the second time Gainer had ever eaten at the restaurant.

“I was just at the right place at the right time,” said Gainer.

Gainer said that wasn’t the first time he has saved someone from a life-threatening situation. About four years ago he saved a woman from a burning van on the way back home from a church trip in North Carolina. The emergency brake was stuck in the driver’s knee and Gainer helped dislodge the emergency brake from her knee and got her out of the van.

This article was compiled
from Mountain Eagle and
Associated Press reports.

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