Whitesburg KY

Mayor Dixon addresses controversy

Jenkins Mayor Charles Dixon released the following statement at the beginning of a special meeting called on June 14 to address the issue of two fall festivals:

We are here to see if some solution can be found concerning two festivals, one sponsored by the city, one by a private group.

I will say once again that the city can only sponsor one festival. The second one will have to be paid for by the private group if a solution cannot be found.

I came into office in January trying to be positive. All we hear is negativism about Jenkins and eastern Kentucky. Several committees have been organized and much has been accomplished because these people wanted to see a change.

I feel we have several problems more important, such as a possible drought and having water in this circumstance. There are bids out now to hopefully connect with the Mountain Water District. We have sewer problems in No. 2 Bottom, roads to be patched or asphalted, water lilies that need to be removed from the lake. Trying to collect utility bills and back taxes, fixing main water lines when they break, trying to balance a budget and finding money for a raise for the city employees who have worked so hard, and trying to get water and sewage to the amphitheater site and the Welcome Center are important tasks also.

A new sidewalk is needed from the football field up to the old bakery so our students won’t be hit while walking home. Also, a new roof is needed for the Dunham fire station.

In the scheme of things a festival is way down the list of things that need to be done. I am not saying a festival is not important, but there are many things that need to be done in the next four years that are more important. One of those not listed is some positive recreation for our youth.

To be honest with you, I hope, after today, that I never hear of a festival – I mean not hearing the negativism about the festival, but only positive things on what a wonderful festival we had this year.

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