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Mayor welcomes 3 new businesses in Whitesburg

Whitesburg Mayor James Wiley Craft welcomed three new businesses to the city at the March meeting of the Whitesburg City Council.

Craft told the council he is pleased to see businesses return to the city and said he hopes to see the trend continue. He said that Bill and Patricia Bentley have opened Mountain Outfitters, a clothing and outfitting store in the old Caudill Lumber building, and added that City Hall has two new neighbors as well. Kelvin Eldridge is opening a furniture store in the old Hoover building and Christine Spangler has opened Labelle Studio in the former Kevin Mullins Law Office across from City Hall.

“We certainly want to express our support for business in the city,” said Craft.

In other business, Paul Nesbitt of Nesbitt Engineering told the council that permits have been approved for the long-awaited Raw Water Intake Project and said bids were to go out March 12. A pre-bid informational meeting will be held March 22 and Nesbitt laughingly told the council bids will be opened on April 3, the day after the University of Kentucky wins the national college basketball championship.

City Water Maintenance Supervisor Chris Caudill reported that work is being completed on water lines on Texas Avenue and said sewer line repairs will begin this week on Texas Avenue as well. Caudill also said he will get prices on repairing two valves at the water plant on Wednesday and that one, an Effluent Rate Valve, will have to be replaced. He said he has spoken with Greg Pridemore of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Rural Development Agency (RD), who told him approximately $4,000 is left over from a RD grant and Caudill said Pridemore will check to see if it can be used to pay for the valve work.

Caudill also said several city fire hydrants have been damaged by being run over by cars or trucks. The hydrants have break-away attachments to minimize damage and he said they can usually be reset with minimal repairs but at least two will have to be replaced. Mayor Craft asked City Clerk Garnette Sexton if the hydrants are covered by insurance, and Sexton replied that they are. In response to a question from Councilman John Williams, Caudill said that although the hydrants are outside city limits they are on city lines and are the city’s responsibility. Mayor Craft asked if a protective barrier could be built around hydrants but Caudill said it has been tried but was not effective.

Mayor Craft announced that Saturday, April 14, will be the City Spring Clean-Up day and asked that volunteers gather at City Hall at 10:30 a.m. He asked the entire council to participate if the members are able to and said it inspires citizens to see their council working to keep the city clean.

“It gets people excited when they see the council out and working,” said Craft. “We want to foster that spirit.”

Mayor Craft read a proclamation designating April as PRIDE Spring Clean-Up Month. He said the purpose is to promote good stewardship of the region and encouraged all city residents to participate.

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