Whitesburg KY

McCain wins here, Obama takes U.S.

Voters in Letcher County cast their ballots with the majority of Kentuckians in the race for U.S. president, but missed narrowly in their choice for U.S. Senator.

Republicans John McCain and Sarah Palin garnered nearly 70 percent of the vote here, 5,367 to 2,623 for Democrats Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

In the Senate race, Democrat Bruce Lunsford received 296 more votes in Letcher County than Republican Mitch McConnell. The unofficial total was 4,198 to 3,902.

Longtime incumbent Harold "Hal" Rogers faced token opposition from Independent candidate Jim Holbert and won here 5,734 to 1,034.

Twenty-ninth District State Senator Johnny Ray Turner, 92nd District State Representative Ancel "Hardrock" Smith and 94th District State Representative Leslie A. Combs faced no opposition. Vote totals here were Turner, 5,588; Smith, 2,063; and Combs, 3,655.

In local races, a change was made in membership of the Jenkins City Council. Todd DePriest, the newest council member, garnered 428 votes, the most received by any of the 12 candidates.

Re-elected to the Jenkins council were incumbents Carol Anne Litts with 384 votes, Chuck Anderson 369, Terry Braddock 343, Rebecca Terrill Elswick 322 and Richard D. Damron 317. Others receiving votes were present council member Linda Baldwin 237, James E. ‘Jimmy’ Polly 261, Bob Bartram 203, John F. Wyatt 153, Roy E. Bentley II 135 and Willie Stanley 152.

The Whitesburg City Council will remain as is. John Williams received 535 votes, Perry M. Fowler 519, James W. ‘Jimmy’ Bates 486, Robin Bowen-Watko 458, Freda M. McFall 449, and Shelia Page Shortt 428. Former mayor Nathan Baker got 367 votes. The six candidates who receive the highest vote totals are elected into office.

Six unopposed candidates were elected to the Fleming- Neon City Council. They are Cheryl Belinda Furby with 129 votes, James D. Collins 137, Robert Champion 127, Harold ‘Lucky’ Cantrell 133, Trey Quillen 150 and Karen Quillen Hall 149.

Elected to the Jenkins Independent Board of Education are incumbent Tracy R. Goff with 559 votes and new member Paulette Sexton with 505. Current board member Raymond ‘Benjie’ Prunty received 301 votes and Robert Adams 455 votes.

Letcher County Board of Education Members John R. Spicer Sr., Will Smith and James M. Harris did not face opposition. Spicer received 705 votes, Smith 986 and Harris 961.

Also receiving votes in the presidential race were Independent candidates Ralph Nadar and Matt Gonzalez with 163 votes, Constitution candidates Chuck Baldwin and Robert E. Thornsberry with 55 votes. Libertarian candidates Bob Barr and Wayne A. Root received 27 votes.

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