Whitesburg KY

MCHC boss warns officals about danger of COVID-19

The chief executive officer of Mountain Comprehensive Health Corporation warned the Letcher Fiscal Court at its June meeting Monday that COVID-19 is still here, and still a danger, and recommended the court follow guidelines for preventing the spread of the virus more closely.

MCHC CEO Mike Caudill said that he is at the age when he takes care with his health, and COVID-19 has made him particularly aware of the need to do so. He pointed out a number of people at the meeting who were sitting close together and not wearing masks, and said that social distancing and wearing masks are two of the most effective ways to keep the virus from spreading.

Caudill told the court MCHC officials had been alerted that four new cases had shown up through testing on Thursday, June 11, and four more showed on Sunday. He added that another case on Monday involves an out-of-state visitor.

“For people who don’t think this is real, it is,” said Caudill. “Wear a mask. We have to protect ourselves and protect our people.”


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