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MCHC’s TeleHealth plan draws scores of patients

Mountain Comprehensive Health Corporation’s offer to see some patients via the Internet instead of at one of its medical clinics is proving to be popular.

“We saw our first TeleHealth patients on March 18 — three,” Mike Caudill, MCHC’s chief executive officer, said. “Through noon today, March 31, we have seen 1,322 patients through Tele- Health.”

“Because of its popularity we are constantly making adjustments to meet the ever changing demand,” Caudill continued. “We have reassigned employees to the job of being a TeleHealth facilitator.”

A TeleHealth facilitator is an MCHC employee who helps a patient by making sure they have proper equipment, the right program application loaded on their smart phone or computer (ZOOM), and sufficient signal strength. He or she then walks the patient through the process of signing on and talking with a doctor or other medical provider.

“They also open the medical encounter and obtain the necessary information for the patient, just like you would in a real visit to the clinic,” Caudill said. “They then notify the provider when the patient is ready to be seen. We have also set up several new workstations just for the TeleHealth facilitators and have ordered from the phone company additional lines to help handle the call volume.

“Overall we’re doing very good and receive strong approval both from providers and from our patients. Having said that, we’ve had a few glitches and other problems that we have worked through. Anytime we encounter a problem, we address it and find a solution. So we are constantly evolving the MCHC TeleHealth program to meet the needs and expectations of our patients.”

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