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Meade fundraiser a success


Hello again from Kingscreek Center.

We took a week off is why there was no column last week. This week we were back and full of life.

Thank you to all who helped with the fundraiser for Bill and Pat Meade. It is so wonderful when a community comes together to help a neighbor. One alone can’t do much, but several together sure can. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts.

We just stayed in and quilted, talked and had fun this week, but we are making plans to be active again. Maybe the weather won’t be so hot for us.

I was surprised by a phone visit from Thula Ison this week. She is a wonderful lady and a very loyal friend. She is not doing as well as I would like, and has to stay home a lot. If you know her, give her a call. She gets a little lonely.

Judy Eldridge, her son Greg Eldridge and I went flea marketing last week. It was a lot of fun. We ran into Wanda Stidham, a longtime friend of all of us. She looked beautiful, as always.

As for my soapbox this week, here goes: Ask any older person and they will tell you they don’t know where the years have gone. In their mind they aren’t 60-70-80, they are 30-40-50.

Thank God my health is very good, but I can imagine staying home all of the time, and it saddens me, so I am sure it does others. If you know someone who can’t get out, put yourself in their place. Would you want a call, a visit, a card, anything to let you know you are loved? They are worth the time.

That’s my soapbox for this week. But keep the elderly and sick in your heart, mind and prayers, as much as you can.

I can’t think of much else to write about this week, and want to get this out to Whitesburg.

Take care of yourselves, love your families, and check on your neighbors.

Until next week, love you all.

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