Whitesburg KY

Meade urges voters to confirm addresses

Letcher County Clerk Winston Meade is urging voters to make sure the clerk’s office has accurate mailing addresses to avoid confusion and frustration on election day.

The State Board of Elections mailed out 441,000 postcards across the state to verify voter address information and 3,800 postcards mailed to voters in Letcher County were recently returned as undeliverable.

“Unless we get this cleared up, they will be on the inactive list and when they go to vote they would have to go to the clerk’s office to verify that they are on the inactive list,” said Meade.

Meade said it would be chaos if 4,000 voters stopped by the clerk’s office on election day to verify their addresses. He doesn’t want voters to become angry and not cast their vote because they were placed on the inactive list.

“It would save a lot of headache if they would just go ahead and get this cleared up,” said Meade.

Meade said people whose addresses include post office boxes or highway contract numbers need to call 633-2432 or go to the clerk’s office and give their physical addresses.

“It won’t take but just a second for them to call,” said Meade. “We want to make sure everyone votes.”

Meade said 16,502 Letcher County residents are registered to vote which includes 3,520 Republicans, 12,634 Democrats and 348 others. Of those registered to vote, 7,929 are male and 8,573 are female.

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