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Medicaid, Medicare and Diabetes Care



If you are older or in financial need, it can be a struggle to pay for important diabetes medicines, supplies and services. But you do not have to go it alone! If you qualify, Medicare and Medicaid can help you to manage your diabetes, while making ends meet.

What Is Medicare?

Medicare covers medical services for people who are over 65, have certain disabilities or are suffering from serious kidney disease. Medicare Part A covers inpatient hospital care or skilled nursing care. In Medicare Part B, a person usually pays a premium to receive access to physician care and outpatient services, such as physical or occupational therapy. Medicare Part B also covers some diabetes supplies.

To receive coverage for diabetes supplies, a person must have a physician prescription and us a Medicare-enrolled pharmacy or medical equipment supplier. After reaching a yearly deductible ($124 in 2006), enrollees pay 20% of the cost of covered supplies.

Medicare also covers important diabetes care services, such as:
• diabetes screening
• self-management training
• medical nutrition therapy
• A1c testing
• eye exams
• flu and pneumonia shots
• foot care
• glaucoma testing

Medicare Part D offers prescription drug coverage for seniors, with the government paying approximately 75% of the cost of coverage. Those who are enrolled receive drug discounts as well as a cap on prescription drug spending, which may help patients to manage their overall cost of healthcare.

What about Medicaid? Medicaid is a program for low-income individuals and families. It covers people who are:
• pregnant
• blind
• disabled
• over 65 years old, with very low income and limited resources

Each state program is different, so eligibility criteria vary, as to the diabetes services that are covered. For more information about your state’s program, call (877) 267-2323.

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