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Melissa Nicely to mark birthday

Big Cowan

Hello everyone. Our community was saddened again this past week. A very special, wonderful person, Dorothy Jean Miles, went home to be with the Lord. She had been in bad health for awhile. Her suffering is over, but through it all she never lost that smile.

Our sympathy goes out to Glenn, Gary, Glenda, Paul and their families. I was unable to go for visitation, it was too soon after my husband died, but my thoughts were with them.

A very good friend of Audrey and Charles Hammonds died on Jan. 25. His name was John Edison Combs, 75 years old. He will be truly missed by all who knew him. My sympathy goes out to his family and friends.

Audrey and Charles always spoke well of him and stayed there when they came in to visit. He lived at Sandlick.

Jan. 31, my dad’s only living sister, Mary Ellen Fields Blanken, died in Georgia. She had been in bad health recently. My sympathy goes to her children and grandchildren. She was buried in Georgia.

My good friend from high school, Diana Richey Goedeker from Charlestown, called to check on me. She said I am always on her mind. I told her I am fine. Glad to know she was thinking of me.

Tommy Roark of Indiana, died two years ago, Feb. 4. He is still missed by all who knew him. He was a son of the late Opal and Jonah Roark of Linefork.

Melissa Nicely will be 27 years old on Feb. 6. Happy birthday. She is a daughter of Wayne and Tammy Turner.

My son Mike is having to go to the wound care in Pikeville for infection on his right, big toe. Keep him in prayer. Glad I have a car that is cheaper on gas for all the running I am doing. Oh well, I do not want him losing his toe so I do whatever it takes to help him.

Linda Ann Fields Adams died two years ago on Feb. 11. She is missed by all who knew her.

Seems like everywhere you look, death is at someone’s door.

Coming from Pikeville the other day, Mike, Melinda and myself went on a road trip through Elkhorn City and Breaks Interstate Park, Haysi, Va., Clintwood, and Pound, Va. Boy, I have never seen so many curves, hills, mountains in all my life. Roads were clear, but I was drunk as a monkey when I got home.

We were going to take in a movie, but they were not open until 6 p.m. and we did not stay. Next time I need to take medication for dizziness. Ha, ha!

Audrey Hammonds is feeling much better. She will be a great-grandma again. Her grandson, Bo Dobson, and fiancée Erica, are expecting a baby girl in June, I think. Congratulations to them all.

Agnes Maggard is still having some health problems. I talked to her the other day. I heard from Audrey that Charles Shepherd had been in the hospital and is still very weak. Keep them in prayer.

Archie is still having problems with his legs and feet. He is supposed to go to Pikeville wound care, but has had to cancel because of the weather.

Juanita Smith is having problems with her shoulder. Kendall Boggs has had some health issues. Irene and Eugene are still having health issues. Just keep all of them in prayer.

Wayne and Missy Fields, Carla and Tony Maggard, and myself have been having trouble with water lines. Sure will be glad for spring. Maybe everyone will get thawed out eventually. The weather has sure been different this past year.

I still need another 100-gallon propane tank for my son. If anyone has one that they don’t need anymore, give me a call. Thanks. He only has one and needs a backup.

Talked to my son Chad in Indiana on Saturday. They still had snow and ice. The temperature was about 40 degrees and they are supposed to get more snow. I will not be greedy. They can have all of mine if we get any more. I used to love winter, but I have had enough. Ready for spring and fall.

Well folks, that is all for now. Be good to someone. Stay warm, stay safe. Attend the church of your choice.

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