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Memorial Day doesn’t have to be sad

BELLCRAFT RESIDENTS — Geraldine S. Fields and Pauline Hammond are pictured in 1943.

BELLCRAFT RESIDENTS — Geraldine S. Fields and Pauline Hammond are pictured in 1943.

Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing well. I don’t know if anyone noticed that I didn’t get my news in last week, but I didn’t remember it until 10 p.m. Sunday night.

I had a busy weekend and also an enjoyable one with lots of family, all four sons, Rob and Astor and wife Rosemary and Billy and Sandra and Larry, Rob’s son, Kevin and daughter Rocki and their family.

I know that Memorial Day is supposed to be a sad day. It doesn’t have to be — we can look around and see all they have left for us. Memories of good times and their families.

It was good hearing from Juanita Adams in Indiana, who used to live in Whitco. She is not in good health and needs everyone’s prayers. She would love to come in and see everyone Whitesburg

I enjoyed talking to Thula Ison of Letcher. She said she had old pictures she would like for me to see. I’d love to.

I visited Aggie Hatton while she was in the hospital. She’s out now. I did get to talk to all the volunteers at the hospital, Dixie Hall, Gerry Haynes and Leigh Lewis. I always have to do that.

I was glad to see all the Trent boys, Tommy, Johnny Mack and his sons and wife Lynette. They all live in Indiana and get The Eagle. Their brother, David Trent, was with them. Even though he lives here I don’t see him much except at Food City, where he works.

I also saw Sheryl and Gordy McLain there and we have to talk when we meet. I love talking to people.

A great big hello to my friend, Lola Pigman. I don’t get to see her much.

I haven’t got to see our newlyweds, Geneva and Winford Sturgill. I think they deserve each other. They are both good people and I know they will be happy.

I just got word that one of our Marlowe girls, Ruby Nell Brown McDaniel, lost her husband, Bob. Our sympathy certainly goes out to her. She is a nurse at St. Joseph Hospital in Lexington and is Roberta Willie’s sister. Roberta seems to be doing well.

We were sorry to hear of the death of Luther Profitt. He went to high school with my sons and played football. Our sympathy goes out to all his family.

Also, another one of our Marlowe girls, Shirley Wells, had a son die in Pennsylvania. I called her recently and she was so sad. I felt so sorry for her. She was waiting for his body to be brought home.

Now for some funny news. Our old Marlowe friend, Pauline Bates, had her 74th birthday a few days ago, and guess where her son took her? Joe took her four-wheeling back in the mountain. I don’t know if she was scared, but Joe had a ball. He’s still laughing. I haven’t heard from Pauline, so she must have lived through it.

I ran into Geneva Ison and her daughter-in-law, Leanna Short Ison, at the hospital a few days ago. You can go to the hospital, Food City, Walmart and Save-a-Lot and see everyone. That’s where I do my visiting.

I saw Matthew Eldridge and his wife at Golden Apple buying flowers. I bought a strawberry basket. You can find people there, also.

Ida and Roger Hatton spent the weekend in Smoky Mountain, celebrating their 37th wedding anniversary and enjoyed it.

May 7, Ernest and Kathleen Brock attended the Brother Claude Ely Day at the Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College at Cumberland. Bro. Claude Ely was a renowned minister of the gospel. They met with Nellie Banks of Bloomington, Ind., and her daughters, Eileen Banks, Betty Banks Parsons and Kathleen Banks Axsom. They enjoyed seeing each other and having dinner with them at the Hoagie Shop.

Claude Ely once had a radio broadcast at WTCW. His great-nephew, Macel Ely II, Ph.D., wrote a book about Claude Ely’s life and had a book signing that was very successful.

They reported having a wonderful day.

Louise Shepherd and her daughters, Carol Day and Shannon Banks, are spending the weekend with our sister, Joann Brown, in Indianapolis.

My sister, Betty Tyree, and I spent the evening together last Friday and enjoyed it. We hadn’t done that in awhile as we don’t have time with so much to do.

We offer our sympathy to the family of Chris Banks, who died in Richmond. He was a son of Brenda Absher Banks and the late Donnie Banks, and a grandson of Henrietta Absher of Whitco. His funeral was held here on June 7.

Charlie Hatton really enjoyed Bertus Tyree visiting him the other day. They are both big talkers.

Well, it looks like I have written a book and I’m sure you are tired of reading.

May God bless all of you and try to be in church somewhere this week.

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