Whitesburg KY

Memorial held at Spring Branch Cemetery

Time is rolling by rather quickly; must be because we all stay so busy.

This past Sunday was the memorial meeting at the Spring Branch Cemetery. Since last year we had lost Ray Dean Adams, who was always a faithful attendee of the memorial, and Elaine Back, who came as long as she was able.

These cemetery memorials are fast becoming a thing of the past, which is sad because they are part of our history. About 30 or so attended the service to remember family and friends resting there, and to remember God and His mercy.

Donna Smith said her son Travis is doing better after his recent motorcycle accident, which broke both of his legs.

Tommy Harris Smith is home after a recent hospital stay for pneumonia.

Marie Reedy should also be home from her recent hospital stay. She was better when we went by on Sunday.

Georgia Amburgey died in Indiana on June 9. She was a sister of Vada and Martha Sue Blair, Verna Collins and Tandy Adams. Georgia was always so pretty and very friendly. We hadn’t seen her in many years. Verna, Martha Sue, Vada and other family were going to Indiana for the funeral.


William, Lyndci and Sadie Gilliam have returned after a three-week trip to California and many other states. They went along with Morehead College’s geology students, and camped out most nights on their trip. I think William even found a small diamond at the Arkansas gem site and diamond mine.

Last week Don and Coreen Pridemore and I went to Somerset to visit mom’s sister, Juanita, and to get some things at the “junk” shop.

This coming weekend is Blair Branch Church time and on Sunday the names of the deceased members will be read, and dinner will be provided after services. All are welcome.

The Saving Grace Church celebrated its fifth year of being established and invited everyone to a picnic. It looked like all had a great time. Five years have passed by so quickly! They worship at the former Little Ruby Church.

Stella Elam has had some trouble with her knee and got a shot and brace from the doctor to help it. She and other alumni of the Stuart Robinson School are making plans for the upcoming reunion.

Sad to learn that someone stole the peas growing in a local garden. The family had worked so hard and are such good gardeners. Shame on the culprit who would do such a thing.

The county workers did a good job before Memorial Day getting all the cemetery roads in good shape. We appreciate their efforts.

The Banks Cemetery at the top of Bee Tree Holler had a new fence around it and trees had been removed inside the cemetery. It was nice to have it looking fixed up some.

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