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Memorial meeting held at Doty Creek Church


Hope everyone had a happy Mother’s Day on Sunday. We enjoyed a cookout together with our mom and dad (Coreen and Don Pridemore) at their property above their house.

We get the use of the old Madison Smith property, and land from Mom’s grandfather, James Tairl Smith, is still in the family.

Bonita, Keitzi “K.P.” and myself, plus a lot of our own children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren, enjoyed being together and appreciate Liberty for doing most all of the cooking.

It was memorial meeting at the Doty Creek Old Regular Baptist Church this past weekend, and we attended on Sunday as did many others. Not only to worship God, but also to remember those family members who were deceased members of this old church.

I can remember my Granny, Virgie Smith Adams Stacy, talking about attending church there when she was young, and she was born in 1904 or 1905. It’s one of the oldest churches around here and it was good to see the members and friends there.

Joyce Adams is home from the nursing home where she spent a couple of weeks having physical therapy. I know Bill is happy to have her back.

The big antique sale that Gwen Rollins of Gwen’s County Attic sponsored was held Saturday, at the old Stuart Robinson–Calvary College gymnasium, and seemed to be a big success. Over 20 vendors, most of us local, set up on Friday evening, and when Saturday came, everything looked so good and ready for customers.

I’m not sure how many shoppers stopped by, but I would guess close to 300, and all the booth operators I talked with did really well.

The boys who helped pack in items for us were so helpful, being young and strong, and Paul and Mary Jo, who are the overseers of the old campus, also went above and beyond their duties helping out during the sale.

The Blackey Missionary Church members provided refreshments for the event, and I hope they had good sales, too.

Amy Asher said her mother, Bonnie, did well with her recent surgery, and Bonnie was resting well on Sunday evening when I looked in on her. Bonnie is well loved throughout the area and such a hard worker and volunteer for many projects through the years.

Ila Adams got home from the hospital last Friday, but had to be taken back the same day. She still had pneumonia and a few other health problems. Maybe they can find the problem with more tests. We pray she is feeling better this week.

Ila’s sister Eolia and Murl were here for Doty Church and stopped in to see her early Sunday morning.

Claren Williams of Redfox is in the room below Ila’s, and we hope he is doing better too.

Bob and I made our usual Sunday visit at the nursing home. Some friends were sleeping, but we did see “Buggy” Adams, Mabel Jo Buttrey, and Mary Blair, who were all prettied up for Mother’s Day.

Stopped and spoke a few words with Lottie Hampton and Brad, and saw Bob’s mother Opal’s friends, Phyllis and Ruth of Adams Branch. Phyllis has had surgery and is in there for rehab.

Sorry if I got your names switched, girls. I always get your names mixed up, but hope I didn’t this time. It was good to chat with them about Opal and Everett.

On Sunday evening, Bob, Hunter, Hayden, Hannah and I took a four-wheeler ride up Sycamore Hill around top of Johnson Fork, Spring Branch, and then came out at Blair Branch to look at Jerry Adams’s baby goats. The kids enjoyed riding and being silly.

Don’t forget Libby and Richard Smith will be having a soup bean dinner and sale at Libby’s shop, Foolish Pleasures, Yesterday’s Treasures. It will be Saturday, May 17, beginning at 9 a.m. The beans will be cooked over an open fire in the big, black pot, and it will also be open house at the store. Everyone welcome.

Don’t forget we have a variety of little shops on Hwy. 7 South now if you’re looking for a place to browse.

We lost a good friend and brother in the church with the death of Eugene Shepherd of Partridge. He was such a joy to know and I loved listening to his stories of growing up on Kingdom Come Creek. His beloved wife, Mary, has been gone only six months and I’m glad his sister was with him when he died.

Another former Isom resident, Agnes Maggard, died in Carlisle. She was the daughter of the late Jeff and Hattie Ison and our sympathy to the entire family.

And such a tragic event, the young man getting hit and killed by a train last Sunday. The family and friends of Shaun Fields have our thoughts and prayers.

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