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Memorial meeting held at Hop Gibson Cemetery


Our spring season has gone by fast. Several are busy with their gardens. It has been a good season so far.

Many of our people have passed away and they are truly missed.

Several attended church at Little Cowan. We are excited about getting the Association this year.

Get well wishes are sent to our niece, Frieda Runyon of Ohio, who is scheduled for surgery this week. Please remember her in your prayers. She was born here on Little Cowan.

Not many of our relatives come anymore since so many of their parents have passed away and we miss them.

Charles and Juanita Pitts of Tennessee, are planning to come in the fall this year. They always came in the spring.

There will be a yard sale at the Little Cowan Church on Friday, June 13, and Saturday, June 14. Saturday will be a clearance sale.

Bennett and Linda Combs, Jessica Boggs, and Regina Crawford attended the high school graduation of Amber Combs at Bourbon County High School.

Several friends and relatives attended a beautiful memorial service for Clayton Banks at the Banks Cemetery at Little Cowan on May 24. His sisters, Elsie Boggs of Cowan and Lucy Montgomery of Royalton, were able to be there.

Duane and Anna Yonts 50th wedding anniversary was celebrated at the Little Cowan Church on May 24. Their children, Roger, Joey, and Amie, and their families had done a wonderful job of preparing with beautiful decorations and lots of good food. A large crowd attended, some from out of state. It was a happy occasion with the greeting of old friends and sharing of many good memories.

We were happy to be able to have the memorial meeting at the Hop Gibson Cemetery. The weather was perfect, the cemetery beautifully mowed and decorated. It was a good service with beautiful singing and good preaching by Woodrow Fields and Johnnie Banks. Dinner was enjoyed at the church house afterward. This meeting has been a tradition since the earliest memories of the oldest members of our community. In the past it was “dinner on the ground.”

The family of the late Bernard and Minnie Vae Banks had their annual reunion at their cabins in Somerset. Some spent the weekend and some stayed all week. They reported having a wonderful time. Attending were Donald Banks of Cowan; Linda Lucas of Whitesburg; Gail Rich and Earl Rich of Pell City, Ala.; Scott Ramage, his daughter, Liz, and Colleen, Josh and Autumn Day of Cowan; Carol Caudill of Cumberland; Pat and Marilyn Banks, Columbus, Ind.; Chris and Gwen Handlon and Maddie of Carrollton; Brian and Tammie Banks of Kingdom Come; Nathan Banks of Lexington; and Lannie Day of Cowan. On Sunday evening Brian and Tammie treated them all to a big fish fry.

Stephen Brown, Robert, Sherry, Bradley and Joseph spent Memorial Day with Virginia Brown. The boys had a great time catching locusts and baby toads.

We have enjoyed having Russell and Minerva Yonts of Indiana, and Ron and Janice Wolod of Maryland, staying on Cowan a few days.

Joe and Linda Brown have been visiting from Mississippi. They are both enjoying their retirement. They brought pictures of their beautiful country place with some of their 275 roses. Virginia was very happy to have all three of her boys together again.

Jeanette Day is spending some time in Letcher Manor Nursing Home for therapy. We hope they will soon have her able to be up and about. We miss her in all our gatherings.

Several Cowan Homemakers attended the county meeting at the Extension Office in May. Virginia Brown was honored with a large, lovely fern for having been a member since the early 1940s, the longest of any member. She also won the blue ribbons on pillows and needlework. Ruth Shackleford got the blue ribbon on her soft sculpture bunny. Getting red ribbons were Billie Ann Gilley for pillows and soft sculpture and Doris Banks for photography. A Cowan girl, Amanda Wright Brown, received the Homemaker scholarship.

Elizabeth Fairchild attended the Little Dove Church at Eolia Sunday.

J.T. Caudill and his wife, Carol, of Cumberland, attended church at Little Cowan. He stopped by for a visit on his way home and Carol enjoyed a visit with her sister, Linda Lucas.

We were very sorry about the death of our neighbor, Hubert Brock. His death was a sudden shock to his family and friends. Our sympathy to all the family.

We missed the VFW who didn’t get to visit the cemeteries this year on Memorial Day. I am sure many are not able to make their rounds. Best wishes to them all.

Best wishes to Bert and Zelma Lou Banks who haven’t been feeling well. Hope they will get better soon.

I hurt my finger in the kitchen and have been going to the doctor. Just a simple little thing can cause you a lot of trouble. My nephew, Joe Halcomb from Ohio, was here and he called after he got home and said he was worried about it. So remember me, too.

Everyone seems to be busy. Our good neighbors, Allen and Betty Sexton, are good to help inside and out. Allen works every day but he finds time to mow the lawn. They moved to Cowan when Brandy was about two years old. Now she has graduated from college. She is a good helper also. She plans to be a doctor. Betty took care of my sister, Gladys Pitts, until she died. We are thankful to have them as neighbors and friends.

Hope everyone has a nice week. Love and best wishes to all.

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