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Memorial meetings stir memories

Our week started out kind of cool with Sunday being downright chilly and somewhat like a fall day instead of May.

Mary Helen Blair is still recovering from her recent fall, which broke her arm. She had surgery to repair it a couple of weeks ago and is doing well. Family and friends have been helping her around the house.

Mary Jo Blair also fell at her home last week and ended up in Hazard Hospital and had to have surgery to fix her arm. She is home now and hopefully doing okay.

The Letcher Area Homemakers met last week at Carr Creek Lake for a picnic. We had a large group and lots of delicious food, and the weather was nice for an outing. Irene Jent couldn’t be with us due to having cataract surgery the day before. Hopefully she did well with it. Virginia Caudill also wasn’t feeling well enough to attend. We miss all those who couldn’t make it out.

A donation was made to the Blackey Library in memory of our late member, Susie Raglin. We used to meet there before our club outgrew the meeting area.

Irene Dixon of Red Star hasn’t been feeling well and her daughters have been taking days about staying with her. Hopefully she is doing better this week.

Also get well wishes to Courtney Adams, who has to take another round of treatments.

We attended the Doty Creek Old Regular Baptist Church on Sunday. It was the memorial meeting for its deceased members and memorial for those buried in the John Hampton Cemetery and Raleigh Cemetery. It was good to be at the old church and see those we know and love and to worship with them. So many of the names on the deceased list are the older folks we remember in the communities from our childhood. Jeremiah

Later that day was the meeting at the Little Ruby Church. Quite a few came out to the service. The deceased members were read off, and it also stirred memories of by-gone days and the loved ones who used to be there.

The school year is winding down and kids are counting the days until summer break. This past Saturday was the Kids Day event held at Letcher ballfield. It seemed to have been enjoyed by many.

Hubert Eldridge will be taking care of the Pearl Dixon Cemetery again this year. He has done this for many years and does a good job, so everyone who has friends or family buried at the cemetery and wants to make a donation for the upkeep can send their donations to: Hubert Eldridge, Mushroom Dr., Blackey, KY 41804, or call 633-2444.

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