Whitesburg KY

Memorial service held at Caudill Cemetery

Once again on Aug. 22, a lot of families were able to gather at the Caudill Cemetery at Red Star and remember the loved ones who are buried there.

The family reunion began on Friday, Aug. 21, at the home of Artie and Elie Shepherd. We had a big fish fry, and this year there were about 40 people attending. Lots of talking and reminiscing and jokes were told by Deacon Jones, but the best part is the eating. This gathering continued well into the night.

When morning came, we got up early and the cooking for the potluck dinner after church began. The aroma from the kitchen would starve you, even if you were not hungry.

Families as far away as Indianapolis, Atlanta, Louisville and many other places attended. The services started at 5 p.m., with a stroll over to the cemetery.

When all arrived, the singing began. I don’t know of anywhere in the world that the singing of Old Regular Baptist songs up on that hill sounds better. There is just something about the sound that makes chills on you.There was a good crowd there, and we had a wonderful service.

Roy Caudill read the names of those who are buried in the cemetery and every year it seems to grow by one or more.

After the service you just cannot imagine all the food that was carried in and spread out on the tables. There is no food that tastes better than good old country cooking.

All who are able to attend look forward to coming each year, and to come back to eastern Kentucky and have the family reunion and memorial service.

I just pray we are all well and able to gather again next year.

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