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Memorial service held for Donna Howard


Just a quick note this week. I almost skipped another week without a column, but felt a little guilty going two weeks without one.

Starting out on a sad note with all the beloved friends and family of those who have recently passed away. Wilma Tolliver was laid to rest after being in poor health. She was a kind lady, loved throughout the area. Her family has our sympathy.

Narce Caudill lost his wife Colleen recently. She always seemed to be a quiet, loving person, and we’re sorry for the family in their sorrow.

Connie Miller Crase of Red Star died suddenly the week before last. It seemed a shock to learn someone close to my age passing away so unexpectedly. Her husband Kenny, son James, mother Mavis Miller, brother Ronnie, sister Charity Ann and all other loved ones, have our sympathy.

Also, Margie Adams’s family has our thoughts and prayers. She died recently too. She was a daughter of the late Anderson Adams.

Sunday before last, Bob, Sue Goodson and I headed off to Troy, Oh., for a memorial service for Bob, Sue and Ed’s first cousin, Donna Howard. She was the daughter of the late Reed and Martha Adams Howard, and had recently died at only 61 years old.

Donna had polio when she was about a year old, and stayed in the hospital and rehab unit in Lexington until she was three years old.

Her grandparents were from Carbon Glow, George M. and Sally Adams, and when young Reed, Martha, Deanna and Donna moved away to Ohio, Donna did well with her leg braces and grew up able to attend school, held various jobs and was very independent.

She donated her body to a science research hospital in Ohio, and her sister had a memorial for her.

Ed, Cheryl, Hunter, Hayden and Hannah Banks also went to the service. They stopped in Middletown, Oh., and picked up Ed’s daughter, Beth, and her husband, Anthony.

We saw a few other of Ed, Bob and Sue’s first cousins at the memorial, Susie Raglin’s son, Doug and his wife and two granddaughters; Danola Adams Bell’s son Jerry Jr. and his wife, and of course their cousin Deanna (Reed and Martha’s other daughter) and her family.

After leaving the memorial we (the Bankses) all stopped by Ed’s son Josh Banks’s home at Monroe, Oh., to see Josh, Joey (his wife), and their kids Gage and Lilly. Bob, Sue and I then headed home to Kentucky.

It seemed all the students in the Letcher Central Band enjoyed the Inaugural trip. We saw many photos on Facebook of those students, parents and families who made the trip to support the band.

Lee and Wilma Pridemore recently spent a couple of days in Ohio visiting Roy Kenon and Billie Smith, and Bill and Elva Marshall.

Also, belated birthday wishes to Lee, Dock Adams and Donna Frazier.

Recently, Ray Dean Adams spent a few days in Whitesburg Hospital with pneumonia. Hazel Adams had to be taken from the nursing home to the hospital to have a toe taken off. She returned to the nursing home afterward.

We hope that Beverly Adams of Blair Branch is feeling better. A benefit to raise money to help with her medical bills will be held at the Campbell’s Branch Community Center on Feb. 9. It will be from 12 to 6 p.m. A soup bean supper will be held then, and all help is appreciated.

K. P. and Lana Pridemore’s little grandson, Isaiah, turned one year old last week. He is April and Dustin’s little boy. They will have him and Amber and Shane’s son, Derrick, a party together when Derrick turns one year old, too.

Bob and I stopped in to stay awhile with Gwen Fields last Sunday. Her children and neighbors help her out, and she attended the Doermann Presbyterian Church on Sunday.

We also hope that Rachel Caudill and Imogene Caudill are feeling better and that everything is going better for these two fine women.

That’s about all I have time for, except, boy, didn’t we get some icy, slick weather last week?

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