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Memories of special birthdays

Howdy folks!

Thanks to everyone for the cards, texts, phone calls, instant messages and a beautiful poem written by my soon to be ex-niece Sue Hall for making me cry, from so many. I cannot portray how much this meant to me.

Richard Caudill started my morning by singing “Happy Birthday”.

Then my niece made me cry with such a beautiful poem written from her heart.

There are only a few birthdays that stand out in my memory — when I turned 50 my children surprised me by getting everyone together. Luckily I had worn a nice dress to work as my husband took me straight to the restaurant to meet the kids, which was a rare treat.

When I turned 60, my daughter paid for three nights in Gatlinburg for my husband and me. All he wanted to do was sit in the luxury suite and watch television; all I wanted to do was be on the go. We only stayed two nights as I got tired of him complaining about traffic.

Southern Ohio

I almost forgot a birthday that was really extra special. Betty Ison sneaked and got me a cake with red frosting. As Betty and I were eating, our mouths and tongues were completely red from the dye. You would have thought we were little girls, which I believe for a few minutes we were. Betty had visitation at a funeral that night. I don’t know how she got the dye off her tongue.

I turned 70 and I worked five hours. When I got home, I was so exhausted I fell asleep and forgot to cook supper and actually forgot to eat.

Once again we are getting a tad bit of cold front coming through. I guess this is blackberry winter as blackberries are blooming so I am told.

I do know one thing, my electric blanket isn’t going anywhere that I can’t reach for it. I think I am going to start playing Christmas music as it will be here in six months.

On the serious side, I do believe we are going to have a short summer.

My flowers have been so beautiful this spring. I wish I could share them with everyone so they could see. I’m not computer knowledgeable, nor do I have the technical devices to put them on the computer, so you just have to take my word and description

The heavy rain beat my beautiful pink peonies to pieces. These were given to me about 40 years ago by Harvey and Evelyn Clark. They are gone, yet their memory lives in my heart and my yard.

The wisteria vine has faded. The wisteria was given to me three years ago by an acquaintance, Matt Glazer.

My assorted irises are almost gone. Some I bought from Marvin Davis, others I have accumulated from where or when I don’t recall. A few are from my brother Jerry and Mattie Hall’s yard.

I know there’s a season for everything, I just hate to see the beauty fade, leaving nothing except memories. A few roses are blooming, and my daylilies are starting to bloom.

The fog is softly hanging as if suspended in midair. In front of me is the hayfield where a soft mist is starting to fall. In my view, close to my front porch, the birds are still eating as the leaves of the huge maple tree shields them from the elements. Dark clouds are forming and the temperature is dropping which means once again I pull out a sweatshirt.

I love going barefoot so I must find a pair of socks. I have a lot to do today and am going to try to sneak a short walk in between the raindrops.

June 3 would have been Jerry’s birthday; he would have been 63.

I really try not to dwell on what has taken place, but I must say it has been a very hard blow

I hear Summit City is a good place to hang out. The next time I am in the mountains, I think I am going to stop in to check out this venue. It seems to attract even bank managers. What better way to know who has a few bucks then to go hang out, have a few drinks and the party is on.

My heart longs for the mountains, but my brain says, you can’t go back to live. I don’t know Danny Webb, and I am afraid at this point in my life, I would get acquainted with him and the jailer, and I don’t look good in orange!

Now Pam would have to keep me in paper so I could write my column for The Mountain Eagle. I am sure she wouldn’t mind picking it up.

Monday evening, I stopped in for what was going to be a few minutes to see Johnny and Ann Calihan. I took Ann a small bouquet of Irises from my yard, and why you would have thought I bought her flowers from a florist.

Johnny is having trouble with his hearing. I talk so low, I had to speak up which is difficult for me with my breathing problems.

I did tell Johnny not being able to hear had its good points as he couldn’t hear when Ann fussed at him.

Ann started laughing so hard saying, “Oh, he heard that all right,” that Johnny had selective hearing.

Ann is still recovering from a serious fall several months ago, and his elbow is really bad. As we sat and talked, Ann said her windows needed cleaning, I said, “Now, Ann, if you can’t see out, no one can see in.”

We both laughed so hard when she said, only I would come out with that.

I spent about an hour with them, such a wonderful hour as it as been some time since I have stopped to see Johnny and Ann.

Actually I had to choke back the tears looking at these two wonderful people that have come full circle in my life. Johnny knew my great-grandparents, Will and Nance Coots; my parents, Clayton and Ora Adams Hall; my children, and grandchildren.

As I have said so often, Ann held me when I was about six months old, blowing in my mouth to cure thrush mouth. The truth is, according to me, Ann blew the breath of menace in me.

God has been so good to me. Since I don’t have siblings, I am fortunate to have extended family as I so often have written before.

I am going to keep Pat Wagner and kick Les Wagner to the curb, at least for an hour or so. Pat made rhubarb cobbler and Les posted a picture on the computer. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Les had ice cream on it. I bet Becky and Polly Hasty didn’t even get to lick the spoon.

James and John, Les might have shared a bite with you two, I don’t really know for sure.

Again I will say how lucky I am, well I might even have to think again as Les sent me a birthday card saying that was my present.

I can’t forget how much Doyle and Betty Ison have added to my life for several years. Betty and I have shared so many good times, I would be on here all day trying to write about them.

Vicki Power and I took a trip to Cheviot, which is about 20 miles from me. We went to a Goodwill Store as I am looking for a solid, round metal umbrella table. I can’t use a glass top as the wind is so strong.

If there’s anyone in this area has one, please let me know.

My sympathy goes out to the family of Sam Russell, as Old Time Fiddlers recently lost a member. Sam Russell from Hamilton, was such a kind and gentle person, and he will be missed by everyone.

Hello to Mart and Sue Hall.

I am sorry to have to stop in the middle of wanting to say something, but there are guys here doing some work on the house and I am going to hide so I can stay out of their way. In reality, I am going to wash my bathroom down, or try to.

Until next time, Rose Ballard, roseballard3@aol.com.

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