Whitesburg KY

Memories of visiting Granny and Granddad

Once again my thoughts are on a time of distant memories. For some people like myself, it is a time of long ago, but for some folks it hasn’t really been too distant.

Remember all the times you went to spend the night or a weekend with Granny and Granddad and what a time you had while there. The first item on the agenda was a good old-fashioned home-cooked meal. You know, the kind of vittles that would stick to your ribs as they would say. There would be plenty of everything and seemed to be enough to feed an army of hungry soldiers. There would be corn, beans, relish, meat of some kind, fried potatoes, cornbread, fresh milk straight from the milk factory, and a helping or two of fresh homemade pie to top it all off at supper. For breakfast there would be fried ham right from the smokehouse, eggs, homemade and buttered biscuits, homemade preserves, gravy, coffee, and milk.

There was always plenty of ways to have fun from chasing lightning bugs to playing in the hayloft, or perhaps getting to gather the eggs and feed the chickens. In the summer there was always a chance that Granddad would take you on a little fishing trip now and then. You would have to dig a bunch of worms anytime you went fishing and maybe even catch some crawdads. But worms always seemed to be the best bait to catch almost any kind of fish.

If Granddad had work to do in the garden, you would tag along with him sometimes and other times you would just stay with Granny while she did her work around the house such as cleaning, washing the dishes and so forth. Maybe sometime you would even get to see her work on a quilt when all other work for the day was done, because quilting always came last.

Usually when you went to the garden with Granddad you took along a little snack to tide you over till suppertime because it was usually an all-day job. Many times you found yourself hoping it would rain enough to make it too wet to hoe in the garden so you could talk Granddad into taking you fishing. This didn’t always work because many times there were things to do rain or shine.

Remember how you wouldn’t pick up those ugly grub worms saying they were foolish? They had a whole bunch of legs and yet they wiggled along on their backs with all those legs sticking up in the air doing nothing. Then you remember picking strawberries and eating about half of what you picked, getting a bellyache in the process.

As you got older so did Granddad and Granny. Your world came crashing down when they died one after the other.

You are grown now and your children won’t get to have the kind of fun you had on the farm because it is gone now too. But you do have your memories and can tell your children about the fun you had with Granddad and Granny while visiting them on the farm.

And that’s all from the funny farm till next time.

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