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Memories of walking up Scuttle Hole Gap to Cumberland Gap

Big Cowan

Hello to Nesalene and Eugene Day of Seymour, Ind. One of their sons had to go to a hospital this past week for heart-related problems. Keep him in your prayers.

Also, Tony Fields, son of Loreva Fields of Cowan, is in a hospital in Columbus, Ind. He has pneumonia in one lung and the other lung is filled with fluid. He also has jaundice and needs other things done. We will keep you in our prayers, Tony. He had heart problems a few years back and had been doing well, then everything happened at once. Keep his wife, Thelma, and mother, Loreva, in your prayers for strength.

Jenny Day’s dad is in the nursing home doing some better. Everyone pray for him to recuperate well so he can be back home with his wife.

Fred Fields, formerly of Big Cowan, died Nov. 20 in Indiana. Our sympathy goes out to his family.

Virginia Gilley from Columbus, Ind., called and wished me a happy birthday on Nov. 20. It really surprised me and it was really good talking to her and talking about the mountains and how as babies they walked up the mountain (Scuttle Hole Gap) and across to Cumberland Gap and back. She did this until she was 17 years old. It has been years since she has been up that mountain and she would love to go up it again. Makes me think of that song, “Go Rest High on the Mountain.”

I love you and Burdeen very much and I remember when I traveled with you when I would go to Indiana and visit and you would bring me back home. Good ole days.

Pray for Mary Lou Fields for strength. She has had a rough time dealing with the deaths of Eddie and Benny last year and now losing her brother, Fred, to cancer.

Vivian Adams had a heart attack and is in Lexington. We wish her a speedy recovery. Keep Carl and her in your prayers.

Ann Collier and Joann Fields have both been really sick with a bad cough. Keep them in your prayers. Ina Vae Fields still needs our prayers.

My son, Mike, will be moving down here in his grandma and grandpa’s (Mary and Jasper’s) old house sometime in December. He is looking forward to it. I didn’t figure he would stay in Indiana very long after I moved back here.

It is kinda funny. I moved into my grandparents’ old place, Mike moving into his grandparents’ old place, and my son, Chad, and family moved into my old house. So his kids will be living in their grandparents’ old house every other weekend when they are with him. It will make them feel closer to us.

Seems like November started out bad with so many people being sick and all. I hated to hear about Maxine Hampton dying in that automobile accident. I really enjoyed her husband’s preaching and when my mother was living Maxine sat right behind her at Cowan Old Regular Baptist Church. My sympathy goes out to her family. I am sure she will be missed by all.

Wendell Fields flipped his Chevy Blazer on Cowan Thursday after dropping his children off at school. He managed to get out without getting hurt. Glad you are OK, Wendell, and be careful. The truck was a mess. If he had gone over that hill he could have been seriously hurt. Thank God his children were not with him. The rain and leaves and loose gravel make it hard to keep control of our vehicles. We all need to slow down some and be more careful.

Wow! What a surprise when I woke up Friday morning to all the snow. I was not ready for that. It sure was beautiful with the sun shining on top of the mountains and all the snow and icicles hanging on trees. Makes you stop and thank God for all the natural beauties. So amazing are His works.

My husband is still sore from the accident and kinda skittish about driving. Bless his heart.

Well, this week has passed by so fast. Until next week may God bless each and every one of you. Attend the church of your choice. Happy Thanksgiving to all and remember those that are not with us. Remember our soldiers who are away from their families and be sure to give thanks for our freedom and those who help keep it. We never know what the future holds so be thankful while we are able because only one life so soon shall pass and only what is done for Christ will last.

My love and prayers go out to all of you.

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