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Mertie Caudill turning 90

I decided to take a little time to write a column and try to remember a few things.

Happy upcoming birthday to Mertie Caudill, of Blair Branch. She will celebrate her 90th birthday on Jan. 14. We hope she has a wonderful birthday.

Recently Don and Coreen Pridemore, Liberty and Noah Campbell and myself spent a couple nights at Barren River State Park. We also took a tour of the Corvette Museum at Bowling Green while there. Like so many others in our area, we all had the sneezes, sniffling and coughing, but it was still a nice trip.

So many are having the same symptoms and sinus problems. Once you get it the cough lingers with you.

Stella Elam is home now and her family is taking good care of her at home. They also have a couple of caregivers helping. They appreciate all the kinds words, prayers and food that people are sending Stella’s way. She is well known and loved throughout the area and one of the most intelligent ladies I’ve ever met.

It’s hard to believe it’s the start of a new year. Sometimes time just flies by.

On Sunday, a fairly large crowd attended Mount Olivet Church at Blackey, despite the extreme cold temperatures. We had a well blessed service. All enjoyed being there. The church held its annual New Year’s Eve watch, singing on New Year’s Eve too.


Bruce and Margaret Anna Caudill had visitors during Christmas. Bruce’s sister Jane, Bob and Jennifer Nichols Little of Harrodsburg, and Bruce and Margaret’s son Scotty and his boys Matthew and Josh enjoyed time together.

So many have been touched by sadness since I wrote last. Our thoughts and prayers are with them.

Georgia Nichols Adams recently died at the Hospice Care Center. She was a beloved mother, grandmother, cousin, aunt and friend to so many, and more. Always a kind, loving person. Much sympathy to George, Bill, John Keven, Anna and Marlene and all their families and friends. They will miss her so much.

Everyone was shocked to learn of the sudden death of David Duke. It was such unexpected news. Our thoughts have been with his family and friends. He was the son of the late John W. and Bonnie Back Duke and lived at Letcher. He touched many lives while being a teacher and later as he worked at the Whitesburg employment office. Sympathies to his wife, Manuela Katerina, and her children Amber, Peyton and Jessamyn and the rest of her family and friends.

We lost a wonderful friend to all with the death of Rodney Ison. He touched so many lives throughout his 88 years of life. Rodney was the son of the late Tinsley and Cindie Smith Ison and father to Ronald, Mike, Kevin and Tim, and a beloved grandfather and great-grandfather to many. Geraldine and the family will have a hard, sorrowful time in the days to come, as well as our community.

Rodney was our friendly porch sitter, who waved at everyone who went by. He loved everyone, especially his family, and was an active supporting member of the Blair Branch Church that he loved so much. He was a good Christian and showed love to win people over to Christ in a kind, genuine way.

God blessed him beyond measure, as was evident in the huge crowd that attended the funeral and visitation. We will all miss his sweet smile, warm handshake and embrace. God bless his family and friends.

Coreen Pridemore was pleased to see her cousins from Indiana at Rodney’s funeral.

Aaron and Edith Ison’s sons Richard and Eddie came in for their Uncle Rodney’s funeral and Mom got to catch up with how Edith and their families are doing. Rodney was a first cousin to many since his Ison and Smith families were both such a large family of descendents.

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