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Meth found at Thornton

Police say man was making drug inside his trailer

Police say an active methamphetamine lab was found inside a Thornton mobile home Tuesday afternoon. This makes the third time in as many weeks that the Letcher County Sheriff ’s Department has come in contact with a residence where police have found methamphetamine precursors.

“ This is an alarming trend we are finding throughout the county,” said Lt. Brian Damron of the sheriff ’s department. “The dangers associated with methamphetamines are what we are trying to warn the general public about. If you see bottles with hoses or bottles with a white substance, we don’t want you to touch it in any form or fashion. Call police.”

The renter of the trailer, William D. Bentley, 38, of 79 Golden Rod Drive, was arrested and charged with manufacturing methamphetamine, unlawful possession of a meth precursor and buy/possession of drug paraphernalia.

After being notified of possible drug activity at Bentley’s residence, police conducted a “knock and talk” at 2 p.m. on February 4. Bentley gave police consent to search the residence.

“ While searching the residence I explained to Mr. Bentley that I could feel my skin burning and that I believed either meth-making products were present or meth was presently being made in the residence,” Damron wrote in a citation. “Mr. Bentley showed me where a camouflage bag was located beside the mattress and couch. Inside were several items used in the manufacturing of meth.”

Police found a bottle that had smoke coming from it. Hidden under a bathtub was a bottle that had components to begin a “shake and bake” method of cooking meth was mixed and ready to go, Damron said.

Police found eight meth precursors including Coleman fuel, Liquid Fire, sea salt and Drano.

A meth cleanup team was called to the scene.

An orange sticker was placed on the residence signifying that the trailer is not safe and decontamination is necessary.

Letcher County Sheriff Danny Webb contacted residents living nearby and notified them of the situation.

Kentucky State Police Trooper Donnie White, KSP Trooper Scott Caudill and Deputy Travis Cantrell assisted in the investigation. Damron has charge of the investigation.

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