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‘Metroid Prime 3’ best of its type


“Metroid Prime 3: Corruption” is the best “fps” (first person shooter) for the Nintendo Wii yet. In this game you are a bounty hunter named Samus Aran who is equipped with a phazon blaster on her arm and a Chozo armor suit. Samus is one of many bounty hunters hired by a federation to remove a virus that’s spreading through the allied defense network. This is caused by Dark Samus, an enemy that you see throughout the game.

For the first 20 minutes of the game you’re on a ship under attack by space pirates. After you get used to the basic controls the real game starts. After the attack, Samus and the other hunters are sent out on their mission of finding a source for the virus, but soon after you get the first glimpse of Dark Samus, who then attacks you and your allies in a blast that almost kills all of you.

When you are rescued and revived it is days later before you wake up and find out that this blast has given you a huge amount of phazon energy. You then get a PED suit which lets you control the phazon energy in Hypermode. This mode is activated by holding in the + button on your remote. Hypermode gives you a certain amount of time and an ammo limit to shoot very powerful raw phazon, and you become impervious to damage. But if you stay in Hypermode too long you have Phazon Overload. You must then shoot your phazon blasts out by repeatedly shooting, or you die.

The controls for this game are pretty easy. You move the remote around to aim and look around, use the A button to shoot and interact with objects, B to jump, – to change visors, Z to lock on, C to enter Morph Ball mode, the analog stick to move, flick the nunchuck forward and pull back to use the Grapple Lasso, and down on the control pad to shoot missiles.

You can’t have a good videogame without “items.” In this game you’ll unlock many items like the Grapple Swing, Ice Missile, Ship Missile, Hyper Ball, Boost Ball, Screw Attack, Grapple System, Seeker Missile, and Hyper Missile. Each item is needed to get through the puzzles and to kill enemies. To use Hypermode you need Energy Tanks, an item you can find throughout the game, because you use one Energy Tank every time you use Hypermode.

At the start of the game you already have the Morph Ball, an ability where Samus can form into a little ball to go through places she can’t fit into and use the bombs to make her jump as the ball or blow up things. The Grapple Lasso is also available at the start. With the Grapple Lasso you can pull out objects and rip off your enemy’s armor to leave them open for a phazon blast.

“Metroid Prime 3: Corruption” is a game especially for hard-core gamers. But anyone who plays this game will like it if they like puzzle, shooter, or adventure games. This game also claims the best graphics for the Wii hands down. If you haven’t gotten to play this game yet I truly feel sorry for you. This will hopefully guide other Wii shooters into greatness just like this game has achieved.

Here’s an example of how many fights you will have in this game: After two hours and 40 minutes I had completed 13 percent of it, killed 418 enemies, and taken 845 damages. So that’s just a glimpse of the action you will find in one of the best Wii games ever.

Zach Joseph, 13, is a student at Whitesburg Middle School.

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