Whitesburg KY
Mostly sunny
Mostly sunny

Michael Campbell almost to Maine

Cowan Creek

Good day, folks. Hope August soon turns back to the warmer days. This rain is good, but I personally have had enough. Makes me want to lie around and eat.

Lots of people from our area went to the PGA golf tournament, which ended on Sunday night. Thought sure it was going to take my show, “Big Brother,” but, it didn’t.

Lots of people play golf at Jenkins and I am really happy that our school system offers the sport. I never could hit one off the green where you practice. Therefore, I know it’s not easy.

Our cousin Michael Campbell is almost to Maine. I am so proud of him. Should arrive around this week. He did his tour of duty and I am so proud to call him an “Awesome American Soldier,” one of many, I am sure. May God bless our troops.

Collin Eversole started kindergarten and Connor Cade started day care Aug. 11 for the first time. I pray he is happy and loves it.

Went to church on Sunday. Sure felt good to be back in the house of the Lord. I go to Community Faith behind the courthouse. Dock Frazier is the pastor. So love it there. All are welcome to come.

Cassie Harris of Lexington just had a birthday. I am thinking she turned 24. She is the daughter of Laura Caudill Harris, formerly of Cowan Creek, and Mike Harris of Lexington.

Michael Watts has now started law school in Grundy, Va. So proud of my nephew. Three years will fly by. He is such a good young man.

Carolina Rayne Eldridge (granddaughter) now has four teeth. She is my princess.

Belated birthday wishes to Tiffany Eversole on Aug. 13. She is my daughter-inlaw.

Also having a birthday this month are Robbie Ison, my brother of Cowan Creek; Malachi Fields, my nephew of Thornton; Raven Shane Ison “Sweet Sixteen,” and my nephew, all on Aug. 18.

Raven is from Cowan Creek. Love and hugs to all.

Until next time, try to do something for someone each and every day.

But most important, “Spread the Word about Jesus.” He is coming soon. The Bible tells me so!

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