Whitesburg KY
Mostly sunny
Mostly sunny

Michael Campbell finishing walk

Cowan Creek

Well, it is back to school. Please pray for all the students to have a successful year with lots of learning, fun and happiness. You know if your child is not happy something just isn’t right. Also, pray for the faculty, bus drivers, aides, medical professionals and the principal. These people take on a big responsibility taking care of our children, grandchildren and cousins. May God bless all.

Michael Watts is moving to Grundy, Va. to further his career in law school. So very proud. He moved his belongings into his new apartment on Saturday. He is my nephew. He is married to Victoria Watts, who teaches at Cowan Elementary School. She is such a sweet person.

May God bless all the college students returning to college or maybe starting a new chapter in their lives.

My daughter Morgan Eldridge and baby Carolina Rayne and I went to Kingsport recently. We got caught in the storm. We had to sit by the road for 15 minutes or so. The hail was coming down. We had a great day out.

Fredrick Eversole (my son), and his family spent the night in Gatlinburg.

Continue to pray for Collin Cruz Eversole as he goes back to the doctor on Friday. He is starting kindergarten this year.

Happy birthday to John Hopkins on Aug. 1. He used to live on Cowan.

Prayers for Michael Campbell as he got sick hiking and only has around 200 miles to go. He posted he is better.

John and Faye Campbell of Cowan Creek had planned on meeting him somewhere around Aug. 7-10 in Maine. I know he was glad to see his family. Time is running out so if you have not donated and feel the need, go to his blog at: www.walkingoffthe war@hotspot.com. “ Midnight Sparkle”.

I pray he comes home safely. We are all so proud of him. God is good.

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