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Michael Campbell starts Appalachian Trail walk

Cowan Creek

Greetings from Cowan Creek. As some of you may know, Doris Banks is retiring from writing the news from Cowan Creek. While visiting with her and my Aunt Virginia Brown, she asked me if I would be interested in writing the news. I accepted!

My cousin, Michael Campbell, has started walking the Appalachian Trail. His journey began with his father and stepmother, John V. Campbell and Fay, of Cowan, traveling to Springer, Ga. with him. Joining them there was our other cousin, Roger Yonts. Michael’s hike began on Feb. 28 and will end in Maine. Hopefully, his journey will take him only four months.

Anyone interested in following Michael’s journey may do so at: Walking off the war@blogspot.com.

My nephew Raven Ison enjoyed the weekend with his family including his sister Cammie, his Uncle C.D. and Aunt Leah, and his cousins on the Webb side.

This past week made a year since the passing of her mother, Connie Webb. It is hard to believe it’s been a year!

My brother Ernie Ison and I got out on Saturday and rode their new fourwheeler and hiked. I so enjoyed our quality time. My brothers are both like my dad, the late Irvin Ison. They enjoy the woods. While there, we saw a bear track, elk track and a pheasant. Ernie got so excited!

For those of you who aren’t already aware, Ernie is running for constable in District 1. He has been employed by our Letcher County Jail for 17 years where he is a deputy jailer. We wish him the best of luck.

My nephew Dillon Fisher spent the week on Cowan Creek. He took a week from his work in Richmond to do a photo lab with the AMI (American Media Institute) at Appalshop, teaching him to learn photography. He really enjoys their type of work.

My grandsons Collin Cruz and Connor Cade Eversole went to see the Monster Truck Show on Sunday. They really enjoyed the show. Connor has a touch of virus going around, bless his heart. Collin goes to pre-school and they reside in Pikeville.

My granddaughter Carolina Rayne Eldridge, a daughter of Byron and Morgan Eldridge of Cowan, spent Saturday with her Granny Barb and Papaw Benny Eldridge of Kingscreek. They so enjoy her. She is five months old. I am so proud of my children and my grandbabies.

My nephew Eli Gordon of Shelbyville, son of Juddy and Micca Watts Gordon, scored his first points in Pee Wee Soccer. We are so proud. Go Eli!

Just to let everyone know, if you would like fresh, farm-fed beef, pork or lamb, it can now be purchased at Railroad Street Mercantile, along with fresh eggs and homemade butter. It’s located across from the Whitesburg Fire Department in Whitesburg.

I now work at East KY Supports, located in Jeremiah. We house individuals with an intellectual disability. I am an office assistant there, and enjoy my new job.

Kae Fisher spent Sunday with her daughter Jessica and grandkids in Pikeville, Sunday afternoon. Lexi is into singing and has a fantastic voice. We love to hear her sing.

I was sorry to hear about H&T Shop and Stop closing. Hopefully it will reopen soon. I remember Charles Gilley running it. We all have such good memories of the store!

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