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Michaela Fields turns 14 on March 9

Big Cowan

Hello everyone. Well, it’s been another crazy week. Winds, rain, thunderstorms, sunshine, lightning and tornadoes in Kentucky, Virginia and Indiana — and now snow.

I hope all your loved ones are safe. Pray for those who lost their loved ones and property. We never know who will be the next ones affected.

My granddaughter, Michaela

Dawn Fields, turns 14 on March 9. She is the daughter of Chad and Amber Fields of Greensburg, Ind., and Diana Abbott Fields. She is the youngest of our granddaughters and growing up too fast. Happy birthday, sweetie, and we love you.

Our granddaughter, Ashley, came in Friday night during the storms and kind of surprised us. She will be staying for a little while. It’s good to see her.

Jamie Maggard also has a birthday on March 9. Hope you have a great day. He is the son of Mary Ann Maggard and the late Curtis Maggard.

Allen Pack died one year ago on March 9, and is still missed by all.

Kaley Maggard will be 13 on March 14. She is the daughter of Bill Maggard Jr. and Paula Maggard. She has a big sister, Tiffany. All are of Brown County, Ind. I hope she has a very happy birthday.

Our son, Mike, will be having foot surgery in Jackson on March 14. Pray that everything goes well.

Rich and Stacy Dobson’s granddaughter, Addie Sue, will be 3 years old March 17. Happy birthday, sweetie, and we all miss you.

Margie Raleigh has a birthday March 18. I hope she has a great day.

Phoebe Fields of Little Cowan died this past week. She was the widow of Nelson Fields. Our sympathy goes out to all of her family and friends. I heard that she was a great lady.

Still lots of people are sick and needs our prayers. Archie Ray Fields has leg problems; Mary Ann Maggard is home from Hazard ARH; Tommy Tolliver is in Pikeville Hospital; Thula Ison is at home; Eddie Wolfe is at home; Martha Landers is at home; all the shut- ins, homeless and those who are without jobs.

Had a great day at church on Sunday. You could really feel the presence of the Lord move in a great way!

Joe Bates still needs prayer. He had surgery on his back a few months ago. He stated it is worse now than before surgery. Hang in there, Joe!

A great woman who loved the Lord went home to be with God Sunday morning. She was 99 years old, and was a Sunday School teacher for many years, and taught both my boys. She was loved by everyone who knew her, and will be missed. Rest in peace, Betty Wilson. Will miss you.

Hope everyone has a great week. Attend the church of your choice, be good to yourself and one another.

Until next time, may God bless.

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