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Michaela Fields will be celebrating 11th birthday

Big Cowan

Hello to all. Hopefully everyone has had a good week. Remember those who are in hospitals and nursing homes.

I saw Barbara Ann Boggs last week and she looked good. She is having tests run on her foot (Doppler test).

Tim Dobson, the son of Audrey and Charles Hammonds and the late Gene Ray Dobson of Columbus, Ind., is having trouble with stress around his heart. He doesn’t have any blockages. Keep him in your prayers.

Michaela Dawn Fields, a daughter of Chad and Amber Fields and Diana Fields, all of Greensburg, Ind., and the youngest granddaughter of Christine and James Fields of Big Cowan, will be 11 years old on March 9. She only asks for an Ipod or Nintendo DS for her birthday. I don’t think she’ll be getting either from us. Love you, Sweetie Pie!

Also on March 11 is William King’s birthday, and Rick Polly of Craft’s Colly has one on March 26. Have a great one, guys.

The Freewill Baptist Church of Whitesburg, located at Whitco, will be having a hot dog lunch on Friday, March 6. Stop by and pick up lunch. It starts at 9 a.m.

They will be having a benefit singing with dinner served at $5 a plate on March 7. Come out for some good singing and homecooked food. I think it starts around 7 p.m., but check the sign in front of the church.

David Maggard and his sister, Pam, were in last week and visited with Irene and Eugene Day. They are the children of the late Martin and Hazel Maggard of Michigan.

My sister, Kathy Wolfe, really needs your prayers. Mentally and physically she is a wreck.

Thanks to Stanley Pack for his comment in Speak Your Piece. Stanley and I go way back. We have always been good friends since I was about 12 years old. We used to square dance together at the community center, and had a good time. I thought that he was a real good dancer (better than I was).

I always liked him and his brothers, Allen, Kenny, Lonnie and the late Don Pack. I didn’t know Vernon very well until I moved back down here, and I didn’t know the girls because they were younger when I left.

His sister, Margaret, is married to my brother, Archie Fields. She went to a revival last week at Mayking and really enjoyed it. Once you start going to church you really hate to miss, and can’t wait until the next service. At least that’s how I feel.

I just found out that my cousin and neighbor, Sam Fields, died Feb. 28. I sure hated to hear that. He will be missed very much. During the summer I saw him just about every day at Trent’s Grocery, the Dairy Queen or out on my front porch, talking. He was the one who gave me the picture of my Grandpa Willie.

He was the son of the late Steve and Polly (Akemon) Fields, and lived at the old homeplace on Cowan Mountain. He lived a few years in Indiana, and had a son and a daughter. He had only been sick a few months and went fast. I heard that he got saved while in the hospital. Thank God he will be going to a better place.

Happy anniversary to Bill and Patsy King on March 26. Have a good one.

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