Whitesburg KY

Mike Fields turning 45

Hello everyone! Hope all are doing well.

Our community was saddened once again by the death of Howard Barton, who died Thursday evening of a massive heart attack.

He and his companion, Debra Ison Fields, were planning a trip to New York and Canada. He was formerly of New York.

Big Cowan

I became acquainted with him during the “Roots and Branches” performance, and I sure hate to hear of his death. Keep Debra in your prayers, as she lost her husband six years ago, Delmar Fields, on Aug. 6, and now her companion.

My heartfelt sympathy goes to their families.

Well, my oldest son Mike will be 45 on Aug. 26. Love you, son, and happy birthday. Makes me feel old as I was almost 20 when he was born. He is doing well, for all of you who have been asking.

I went to a luncheon last week at Velda Fraley’s beautiful home. I met a real nice couple from Jenkins, Betty and Wendell Gibson, and Betty Brown from Dry Fork. The special speaker was Ben Fink, and we all had a great time of fellowship and discussions.

Then on Saturday, my friend Brenda Stone and I went to the farmer’s market and then to Dairy Queen for breakfast, then Golden Apple to get produce, then off to Norton to see the movie “Nine Lives,” a very cute and funny movie.

We also went to Dollar Tree and Walmart and ate at Fish Tails. Was really good food and a much needed ladies’ day out for both. I really had a good time.

Late happy birthdays to Emily Maggard Jones and Charles Hammonds last week. Hope you both had a good day, as well as Faye Martin and Doug Sturgill.

Archie Fields is still at Letcher Manor for rehab. Keep him in your prayers. Hope he gets back on his feet before his birthday on Sept. 12. He will be 71. Love you brother, keep up the fight to get better.

So much sickness and deaths. My sympathy for the family of Martha Burchett who died last week. Memorial service was held last week at King’s Chapel at Whitco.

I did not know her. She went to church there before I started, and she had gotten sick. Estelene always had prayer for her. Now she is resting in a better place. Keep her family in prayer.

Keep Darrell Holbrook in prayer. He is scheduled for knee surgery in October.

Well, I should be out of here next weekend if another obstacle doesn’t get in the way. Keep me in prayer that I am doing God’s will and not my own. I will miss all of you.

I hope to continue writing after the move. Might not be as often, but I will try to keep in touch with everything.

Well, I am going to get off of here for now. Hope all of you have a blessed and wonderful week. Until next time, remember God loves you, and I do too.

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