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Military rites bring many to tears


I first would like to apologize to Alan and Linda Bates. In my mind I had the right sister, but when I wrote it the other sister’s name got written. I only hope that you girls are like me and Bonita; people get our names mixed up quite often, and we just take it in stride.

Sorry again, Linda and Teresa, but still happy for you all on the new baby’s birth.

I also forgot to mention that when we went to see Evangene and Arizona Adams, Dakota Phillips was with them. He has been helping them out while Arizona’s shoulder has been hurting her, and we enjoyed talking with him also.

I hope that L.C. Adams is doing better. He has a blood clot in his leg. Glenn Hampton has had surgery and is home now. Lance Breeding had a stroke and was in St. Joseph Hospital, but when we went by on Saturday he had been released.

I pray all are feeling better this week.

So sorry to the Jr. Luck family. He died last week, and his funeral was Saturday at his beloved Mt. Olivet Church, where he had been a faithful and devoted member until his health began to fail him. He and Mildred were so good to everyone and well loved by all who knew them.

The service was so nice. I’m sure the family appreciated all the kind words concerning their dad and mom. Jr. was 91 years old and the veterans from Pound, Va,. came and had the military rites. This is always such a touching tribute to a fallen veteran, and most are brought to tears by their respect for a fellow solder who has passed on to his great reward.

We were also sad for the family of Jimmy Back who had been so sick with his lungs for the last week or two, and died. His wife, Kitty, and family have been and will continue to be in our prayers.

On Sunday, after a good service at the Mt. Olivet Church at Blackey, Bob and I went to the nursing home to visit Hazel Adams and others.

Aunt Hazel isn’t well at all now, and Johnny Combs and Sandy Hall (her children) are so brokenhearted and worried about her.

Ed Lumpkins is also in very bad health at this time, and his son ‘Chicken’ was there with him.

You see so many sad situations when you visit the nursing home, but you think, where would these folks be if it wasn’t for the home?

We looked in on Terry Caudill, but he was sleeping, as was Coman Blair.

Mary Helen Blair seems very well these days.

We also stopped in at Dock and Joyce Adams’s home for awhile. Bill and Tommy Harris Smith, Lillie Moss Hale and Mary Jo Blair have all returned from their Florida getaway, but they came home to a cold, snowy time.

We sure do miss them while they’re gone, but I can see why people go to Florida to get away from cold weather.

So sorry to hear about the three-year-old daughter, Emilie, of Willie and Vanessa Collier Halcomb, who died so unexpectedly. How the entire family’s hearts must be broken.

Virginia Dare Back had to go to the emergency room with stomach problems on Sunday. I hope she is feeling better by now.

Bill and Joyce Adams said their grandson, Quentin Williams, had been in the hospital with pneumonia.

Also, Alan and Reva Adams’s son, Daniel, has been in the hospital recently. He and his wife’s little boy, Mason, celebrated his second birthday with a family party. I hope he had a fun day.

I thought I would begin opening my ‘Little Shoppe’ on the first Saturday in March, but the cold and snow made me put it off until this coming Saturday. Hopefully the weather will be a little better.

Homer and Ruth Smith’s son, Anthony, has been battling with a sinus infection. Hope he is better. His brother, Roger, came over Sunday before last to visit with them all.

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