Whitesburg KY

Millers celebrate eighth anniversary

Virgil Combs was put back in the hospital for his breathing problem. He got to come home a few days later even though he wasn’t doing too well. He is having so many health problems here lately. I really hope he can feel better soon.

Happy anniversary to Jai and Michelle Miller of Blackey. It was their eighth on March 29. They have two adorable kids, Kylie and Camden.

My son Justin got hurt at work on Friday evening and had to be taken to the ER. He bruised his hand bad enough that he has to wear a brace on i. We are all just thankful it wasn’t broken.

Vanessa Smith and her mother Ella Mae of Carcassonne both were hurt when a picnic table they were sitting on flipped with them. They both had some bruises and cuts. I’m glad they are both okay.

Zoey Hammonds, the baby girl of Leslie Gibson and Jerry Hammonds of Hazard, has been in the hospital twice within a week. She had a virus called RSV and had a hard time getting over it. She is home and doing better now. Blackey

Happy birthday, Braxton Holbrook. He is the son of Chelsa and Matthew Holbrook of Whitesburg and turned 5 on April 6. He is the grandson of Ronnie and Myrtle Miller of Blackey.

Happy birthday to Nikki Wynn of Thornton. She turned 21 on March 30. She is the daughter of David Wynn of Thornton and Darlene Jent of Elk Creek.

My sympathy to the family of Lucy Blair of Blair Branch. She died on Saturday, April 9. She had been sick for a long time.

Happy birthday to Jerry Collins and his son Caleb of Blackey. Jerry’s was on April 8 and Caleb turned 20 on April 9.

We had an early Easter celebration here at my house over the weekend. We cooked out and the kids hunted eggs because two of my grandbabies, Kaydance and Kameran Tourangeau, will be in Michigan on Easter this year to be with other family members. We will miss them but they had a good day.

Happy birthday to Cheryl Bradley of Burton Hill. It was on April 9.

Lorene Halcomb of Carcassonne is gone to Alabama to spend about a month with her daughter Sharon. Lorene just recently got out of the hospital.

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