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Millstone natives meet at Ohio church

Northeast Ohio

Howdy y’all, just hope I can stay awake long enough to get this written. I went to lunch with Billy Wayne and Redia and am I stuffed. The restaurant we ate at bought 100 white shirts for the cooks and Bill gave them a discount so the owner told him to stop by for a free meal for four. Red and I were invited. Red was having a bad day so I met them and brought a dinner home for him. It’s George’s Family Restaurant and they do have really good food and sure aren’t stingy with their servings.

Hope this finds all well and enjoying some warm, sunny weather. St. Patrick’s Day, we had 61 degrees, the next day was about 50. Today is sunny but cool, maybe in the high 30s. Tomorrow is going to be even colder, but just knowing it’s springtime we can hope for warmer weather soon.

Red and I went to Little Pilgrim Home Church at Ruggles. They had a pretty good crowd and a good meeting. There were three Millstone natives present, Alex Collier, Carlene (Spencer)Carty and me. I was born at Millstone but grew up on Indian Creek. I was so glad to see Carlene and Buddy at church. It was Buddy’s first time to attend since his heart surgery. He really had a rough go of it and has lost quite a bit of weight. It’s always good to see and talk with Alex.

I talked to Jeanie a few days ago. She sounded all stuffy and is having trouble with her back (old Arthur is taking up his abode). She had talked to Henry Warren and said he and his family were all well. I’m sure hoping all will be able to make the picnic this year. We aren’t getting any younger and some of us may not be around next year.

Bill and Redia were by and I mentioned that I was craving oranges (no, it isn’t that), then a UPS truck stopped and Bill brought in a carton and you’ll never guess what was inside. Four apples, four pears and of all things, four oranges! I could hardly wait to try one and was it ever good. Thank you to my good fairy.

We got a phone call from Florida, and a precious couple we go to church with were on the other end. Jay and Beulah Samons, we do love you and are proud to call you friends.

Red talked to his sisterin law, Goldie Engle (wife of the late Chalmer). Goldie had been a resident at Letcher Manor but is now with her daughter, Vera Hale, and seems to be well satisfied. He also talked to his niece, Carleta Adams. She said her cousin, Red’s nephew Ray Hampton of Maryland, had suffered a heart attack and is not doing too well. Ray has been on dialysis for several years.

I’ve been thinking about the mountains and how soon things will start getting green and the redbuds, dogwoods and early flowers will start blooming. I usually miss all this but I still have the pictures Rose Ballard sent me a few years back so I just pull them out and take a fantasy trip back to the beautiful mountains, always my other home, the place where life for me began. Guess we all consider our birthplace as home, regardless where we may travel or how far.

Just heard the weather forecast. It’s not good, cold and snow expected, course that isn’t anything new here.

Hello, love and prayers to all my phone, mail and email friends out there. Wishing everyone a great week, a fantasy spring season and health and happiness always.

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