Whitesburg KY

Minerva Yonts and friends come for visit

Cowan Creek

No trick-or-treaters at my house. Guess I should have been home earlier. Too bad the weather was so cold. Hope our little ones didn’t get sick from the change. Carolina Rayne missed her first Halloween by coming down with a virus. Thanks for all the prayers; she is feeling a little better.

Minerva Yonts along with her friends Marty, Shirley and Pat traveled down from Indiana recently. They timed their visit to see the colorful mountains. They stayed at Minerva’s place here on Cowan Creek. Weather was great for the flea markets, yard sales, Little Shepherd Trail, hiking and visiting. Anna Yonts of Cowan Creek had an old timey dinner for them, along with Aunt Virginia Brown, Doris Banks and Anna’s spouse, Duane.

Minerva’s friends expressed that it was very beautiful here and Minerva had talked to them so much about her hometown and they really enjoyed such wonderful friends and the hospitality was awesome. They all just wanted to visit and see the home Minerva and Anna grew up at here on Cowan Creek.

Robbie Ison of Cowan Creek lost his beagle on Town Hill so if you see it, call him. It has a nametag. Might just be still chasing the rabbit. Robbie loves his dogs.

Hope everyone is getting a flu shot. I got mine. No side effects. Yay me.

Carla Slone Smith visited Louisville over the weekend and photographed some awesome pictures. This is a big thing in our area. People are just enjoying the seasons and realizing the beauty of nature.

Eli Gordan spent the weekend with his granny Donna Watts. She bought him a chicken (toy) off of Amazon that hatched eggs. He loved it. Named it Chicken Nugget. So cute.

Well, get your house ready for winter. It’s here.

Until next time, stay warm and put warm clothes on your children.

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