Whitesburg KY

Mines are always cool

Well, it looks like we are getting some more of our unusual weather, but I guess we will just have to grin and bear it.

I don’t know about the grinning part, but I reckon I will have to bear it anyway. I’m just not a wintertime person, as I have said many times before.

My late son Steven always got a kick out of me saying that because he was a coal miner and was used to the cold temperature the ventilation fan always brought into the mine. I guess it felt pretty good in the summer when it was hot outside. At least that is how I remember it, because I have been inside mines too, about a hundred years ago.

Well, not really, but it has been a long time ago.

Mines are a lot safer now than they were back then, but are still dangerous. But at least they are not as dusty due to the water sprays on the equipment and the rock dusting.

Today would have been Steven’s 19th wedding anniversary, but it was not to be due to unforeseen circumstances. But the good Lord is in control and knows all about it.

Steven had not given up on dear old Dad, because back in the summer he said when he got some money he was going to buy himself a hunting rifle and asked if I would go deer hunting with him again.

I told him sure I would, if he would take me someplace where I wouldn’t have to walk. He said there had to be a place somewhere and he would find it.

But this was not to be either. But the good Lord knows all about that too, because He knows everything, even our very thoughts.

I could still hunt because my pacemaker is on the left, and I usually shoot right-handed, but can shoot either way with a long gun or a handgun. I am ambidextrous.

I sure will be glad to see spring get here because I have been ready for it right after the first frost. I love spring because to me it is resurrection time, when all things are made new.

Well, my mind just went blank again, so until next time.

From the funny farm.

Contributing writer Relon Hampton lives at Premium.

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