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Ministries plan celebration

Come out and celebrate Revelation Ranch Ministries at the Front Line Ministries in Hazard April 20, beginning at 6 p.m. There will be various bands, Joshua Kaleb Davis, Justina Mullins Salyer, The Mullins Family Band, Shirley Slaven Conley, Morgan Ramey George, Revelation Ranch Drama Team, and the Front Line Ministries and Drama Team.

Talk about a joyful noise. The mountains and valleys of eastern Kentucky will be ringing with praising to God.

The admission is free, but all donations will be accepted for the continuance of the Revelation Ranch, will be appreciated and will be used for furthering the wonderful youth ministries that the Pardos have created in our area.

The Pardos came to Letcher County less than two years ago from North Carolina with their children, their horses and a lot of faith.

They have suffered many setbacks since they came here. Many people would have given up and left all of us behind, but they choose to stay and live in a barn.

They really do live in a barn, but they’ve made it look like a home, and they welcomed children and parents into their lives and they really have changed lives with their guidance and Christian teaching.

I have personally witnessed the transformation of some of the children and young adults that they have worked with, and it’s nothing short of amazing.

And the work that Ricardo is doing at the Letcher County Jail I saw first hand when a young man came forward and made a confession of salvation.

The Pardos are really making a difference in our community and in our young people, and these young people are our future leaders.

You don’t have to wait for the Youth Rally to donate. You can make a gift of sweet feed for their animals (horses, dogs, goats, cats and cows) because it costs money to feed these animals; gift cards for gas; cash, or whatever you have and as little or as much as you can afford.

I really do believe the future will be a better place because of the work they are doing with our children.

You can contact the Pardos at 606-262-2100.

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