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MJP teacher makes original proposal

Ruth Ingram Frazier makes her famous apple pies for Mountain Heritage Festival.

Ruth Ingram Frazier makes her famous apple pies for Mountain Heritage Festival.

You talk about a way to propose to your girl, Austin Johnson found an original. This is how it came down. The Silly Saints Clown Ministry from Shelbyville, Ind., performed at Martha Jane Potter Elementary on Sept. 12. After the performance they had Ms. Corissa Riffe, one of the teachers at MJP, come forward with some kind of made-up excuse. We couldn’t hear it on the video that was posted to Facebook. But, she had to close and her eyes and when she opened them Mr. Austin Johnson, also a teacher at MJP, was on his knee with an engagement ring. All her family and his also were there but stayed hidden until he had proposed. I loved it. Cori is a great-grandchild of Preacher Bill Craft and June. Her maternal grandparents are Tommy and Billie June Craft Richardson. Her parents are Chris and Celesta Richardson Riffe. Congratulations, guys.

Speaking of things happening at MJP, I saw their fall decorated pole on Main Street in Whitesburg on Facebook and it was beautiful. I love driving through town and looking at all these decorations. They just make our little town look amazing. If you haven’t been downtown this past week you need to just take a drive down just to look at them. They have been decorated for the Mountain Heritage Festival taking place this week and weekend. The carnival will begin Wednesday night. There will also be many vendors set up and down the streets.



I saw this one vendor that will be selling her famous fried apple pies. Her name is Ruth Ingram Frazier. She is the grandmother of Ashley Cook and Ashley is the one that posted this on Facebook.

“My grandmother Ruth Ingram Frazier is at it again! She and her daughters made over 600 fried apple pies from scratch for Whitesburg Day last year and were sold out by noon.

“But here’s your chance to preorder before they go on sale to the public. Mamaw insists they be sold for $1.50 each! A true steal in my opinion.

“My aunt Wanda Webb is taking preorders for her famous PB roll, $15/15” roll or $5/5” roll.

Jim and Jodi McAuley Back are pictured on one of their early fishing trips.

Jim and Jodi McAuley Back are pictured on one of their early fishing trips.

“My aunt Brenda Combs is taking preorders for the absolute best pumpkin roll, $10/10” roll.

“Please share this opportunity with your friends and family!


“Preorders can be picked up Tuesday at 4 p.m. in the Walmart parking lot in the spaces parallel to the road or Wednesday, at Whitesburg Day at the Defeated Creek Church tent in front of the courthouse, or free delivery to local businesses on Wednesday from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. “Any questions? Please contact Cilla Fields 633-0871, Brenda Combs 633-9890, or Wanda Webb 633-2683.

“All proceeds benefit Defeated Creek Church.”

From the picture posted in the column, it looks like she makes them just like Mommy used to. Mommy made them just the same as her mommy did, also from scratch. Mamaw would hide some of hers when she made them so her boy, Bobby Pennington, would have some by the time he got there for Sunday dinner.

The Silly Saints surround newly-engaged Austin Johnson and Corissa Riffe.

The Silly Saints surround newly-engaged Austin Johnson and Corissa Riffe.

I saw lots of birthdays that happened last week. Some of these were Jimbo McAuley on the 18th, Rick Lucas on the 20th, a sister from our church Lyn Bates and Matthew Brett Adams, both on the 21st, and Shirley Combs on the 23rd. My husband, Jimmy Yonts’s, birthday will be the 25th and Mom’s 89th birthday will be on the 29th.

Mommy is doing great, she just has turned into a homebody. I tell her when everyone asks about her and tells me to tell her they love her and miss her, but she still just wants to stay home.

The other day when I was with her we remembered something that had happened to her at church, Millstone Missionary Baptist, many years ago. She rode the bus Sunday morning and evening and Wednesday evening. Well, the bus driver, Larry Joe Adams, went pretty early everytime and so she had plenty time to visit with everybody as they would start coming in. One time she was setting with Ed Pike and a lady that she assumed was his wife. They started talking about when she sang in a group that consisted of Charlene, Linda Hall, Esther Tacket Wagner, Ruby Combs, Daddy and of course, her. She told Ed she had some cassette tapes of them singing and he wanted her to bring him one. So, the next church service Mom brought one and gave it to the lady that had been sitting there with them. A few weeks later she asked Ed how he liked the tape and he said he never got it. She said I gave it to your wife. Well, she later learned that wasn’t Betty Jo Pike, his wife. It was just another sister in the church. I still laugh when I think about this.

My sister, Lucille Tacket Graves, was finally able to come and visit Mom after her open-heart surgery in August. She has done amazingly well. Her husband, John Graves, will be having a hip replacement this week, Tuesday the 24th. Please pray for his recovery.

I guess by now everyone has heard the wonderful news about Laney Webb. Her bone marrow biopsy and spinal tap both came back leukemia free. The plan is now to come home in a few days. She still hasn’t eaten and is being fed through her feeding tube. They are asking everyone to please pray this will change soon.

Also, please be in prayer for a lady I was in the hospital with over the weekend. Her first name is Debra and they were moving her to Pikeville as I was being discharged. She has pneumonia and some other health concerns and they asked everyone to pray for her. They were all good Christian folks.

Please keep our pastor, Bill Jones, and his wife Sandy in your prayers for God’s comfort. So many have lost loved ones recently, be in prayer for these, too.

Oma’s request for us to be in church Sunday morning will always be the way I end my column. Mommy still talks about her frequently. Also, remember if your church has services Sunday evening or throughout the week God wants you there then, also.

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