Whitesburg KY

Molasses stir-off is early this year


What a chilly couple of evenings we had this past weekend. Long pants and sweatshirts time of year. I think it’s supposed to warm back up later this week, at least I hope so.

We’ve been working in Dad’s (Don Pridemore’s) cane patch, getting it all stripped, topped, cut down and hauled to the cane mill at Blair Branch. Saturday morning early, the men gathered out and started ginning the juice out of the cane and boiled it down to molasses. It got done early this year and the first batch was a little thick but tasted good. We will have another batch to do this week.

All those who came out to help or just to watch were greatly appreciated. We missed Mary Jo Blair, who always helps, but she was taking care of her sister, Lillie Moss, and since the molasses came off earlier than usual she didn’t get back in time. Betty Campbell came to watch and visit, but ended up helping us pour it in jars. We’re glad she could help.

Letcher Elementary School had its Fall Festival on Friday evening. Hope all who attended had a fun time. When we were young I always enjoyed them so much, and even when my kids went to school I still thought they were fun.

Marie Banks of Blair Branch, wasn’t able to attend the stir-off this year. She was dehydrated and had to spend a couple days in the hospital. Regina stopped by and gave us an update on her condition Saturday.

Laramie Adams is doing well this days. He was sick for so long last year. It was good to see him well again.

A lot of former Calvary College classmates got together on Saturday for a reunion. It was held at the Stuart Robinson dining hall and it looked like all had a good time together.

Cynthia Whitehead recently celebrated her birthday. Her daughters and families got together for the occasion and to help her to have a special day.

Don’t forget about Blackey Days coming up this weekend. It’ll be a nice, friendly get-together with music, food, fun, vendors and more to entertain you.

Rodney Ison had to go to Lexington recently for surgery on his face for skin cancer. He is doing well with it, but has been a little black and blue.

Dixon Memorial Church had the memorial for deceased members at their church meeting time and afterward served dinner. So many local folks were members at the little church.

We attended Poor Fork Church at Cumberland this past Sunday. They received three new members that joined and were baptized after church.

Little Derrick Williams, Shane and Amber Pridemore Williams’s son, had to have minor surgery last week at the University of Kentucky Hospital. He got home that evening and it didn’t seem to slow him down or hurt him very much. And we’re glad they got him fixed up. The doctors thought it was a hernia.

Bill Adams is doing better after his recent hospital stay and this Saturday will be the Adams family reunion at the Stuart Robinson School dining hall. All friends on Carbon Glow or kin to the Adamses are invited to attend.

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