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Molasses stir-off is planned for this week


Our weather has taken a turn toward fall with the cooler nights and mornings. I look forward to the beautiful fall colors and cooler weather, but not to the thought of winter coming. Before you know it, winter will be here.

It was sad news to learn that sweet little Alma Whitaker died early Saturday. She was a good, old-timey Christian lady, that we had known and loved since we first joined the church in 1982. Alma was a longtime member of the Tolson Church at Roxana, and it just won’t seem the same without her there.

Another nice old sister from the Tolson Church, Vina Caudill, is recovering from a recent fall. She and her late husband, George, were also a couple who always attended and loved their church. We hope Vina can make a speedy recovery.

The descendants of “Red” John and Larrena Adams recently held their annual reunion with over 160 people in attendance. They had a real enjoyable time at a Carr Creek Lake shelter but had to fight with the yellow jackets, which are plentiful this time of year. Joelle Hall won the quilt made by Toni, Wilma Pridemore Allen’s daughter.

Family and friends of Wenford “Bean Eye” Blair gave him a household shower last week. His home burned down awhile back and his new home is finished and they wanted to help him furnish it. His sister, Beulah, came in from North Carolina and spent about a week visiting and helping “Bean Eye” and the rest of her sisters and brothers.

On Friday, Ellis, Ila, Tammy and Scott and Lisa Adams went to Ohio to attend the 50th wedding anniversary of Ila’s sister, Kathy, and her husband. They came back on Sunday and this week will have their annual stiroff and make their molasses.

The late Ray Back used to come to the stir-offs and enjoyed so much being with kinfolk and friends.

We had a very good weekend at Blair Branch Church. On Sunday, we had quite a few visiting ministers and a good service. We all missed Ellis, Ila and Tammy, who were on their trip.

H.D. Caudill was brought back to Letcher County for his funeral and burial. A large crowd came out to pay their last respects to him and to show love and support to his family. We will miss seeing his columns in The Mountain Eagle. I heard on TV that over 1,000 World War II veterans die every day and that is so sad and hard to imagine.

Rodney Ison is feeling better after a recent bout with pleurisy in his lung. He’s taking medicine for it, and beginning to improve.

I see someone has bought the Benny and Julia Haynes home across from the Jeremiah Post Office. It doesn’t seem possible that the Haynes family have all passed away. We hope the new neighbors will like it there and welcome to them.

This news from Doris Adams:

“The 15th annual Adams family reunion and family and friends fish fry was held at the Frog Pond on Sept. 1 and 2. The fish, chicken and barbecue were plentiful and very good, but the best part was having family and friends come eat and visit with us.

“We would like to give everyone who came a hug and say thank you, especially the new additions to the Adams family, Watson Adams, the son of Terry and Regena Adams, the grandson of Jim Adams, the greatgrandson of Watson Adams of Isom, and Gracie Coleman, the daughter of David and Maranda Adams Coleman, the granddaughter of Randy and Mary Gail Adams, the great-granddaughter of Ray and Doris Adams of the Frog Pond.

“We need to thank Blair Branch Church and Blackey Mount Olivet Church for the tables and chairs; Letcher Funeral Home for the use of the tent; Randy Adams, Frank and Jason Adams, Verlon Hatton for their help; Jim and Ann Whitaker for the extra tables; and Dennis Adams and Deb Younts, without them we could not do this. Thank you and God bless you.”

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