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Moment and Memories of Whitesburg High School



Ronnie Amburgey b. 5-2-1943: Favorite TV Program, Flintstones; Favorite Actress, Jane Mansfield; Favorite Song, “Mother- In-Law”.

Linda Banks b. 9-24- 1943: Friend, Still looking; Favorite TV Program, Bonanza; Favorite Actor, Paul Newman; Favorite Song, “Blue Moon”.

Willia Caudill b. 2-11- 1943: Friend, Eugene Sparks; Favorite TV Program, Tall Man; Favorite Actor, Rock Hudson; Favorite Song, “Where The Boys Are”; Advice to underclassmen, I sure hate to bid this place goodbye for I have surely enjoyed this year, but work and no play.

Glenn Day b. 9-4-1943: Friend, All of them; Favorite TV Program, Tall Man; Favorite Actor, Clu Gulugar; Favorite Song, “Shy Away”.

Brenda Fugate b. 9-27- 1941: Friend, Louise Devlin; Favorite TV Program, Bonanza; Favorite Actor, Elvis Presley; Favorite Song, “Surrender”; Advice to Underclassmen, Don’t ever take Sociology.

Nathan Hall b. 1-14- 1943: Favorite TV Show, Aquanauts; Favorite Actress, Sandra Dee; Favorite Song, “Mother-In-Law”; Advice to Underclassmen, Think before stepping.



Nell Ingram b. 3-5-1944: Friend, It’s a secret; Favorite TV Program, Thriller; Favorite Actor, Guy Madison; Favorite Song, “It’s a Big, Big World”; Advice to Underclassmen, Don’t skip too many study halls; and keep on the good side of the teachers.

Ronnie Shepherd b. 9-30-1943: Friend, Connie Smith; Favorite TV Program, Circle 6 Ranch; Favorite Actor, Dale Robinson; Favorite Song, “More Than I Can Say”; Advice to Underclassmen, Study more than I did.

Hazel Trout b. 5-1-1941: Friend, Lettie Wagner; Favorite TV Program, Bonanza; Favorite Actor, Rock Hudson; Favorite Song, “Mother-In-Law”; Advice to Underclassmen, Study Hard.

James White b. 5-31- 1943: Friend, Tebo; Favorite TV Program, The Flintstones; Favorite Actress, Marilyn Monroe; Favorite Song, “Mother-In-Law”; Advice to Underclassmen, Be prepared for Miss Wampler’s test.

Lettie Wagner b. 1-4- 1942: Friend, Hazel Trout; Favori te TV Program, Thriller; Favorite Actress, Marilyn Monroe; Favorite Song, “Dedicated to the One I Love”; Advice to Underclassmen, Study Hard.

Paul Yonts b. 2-10-1943: Friend, Karen Combs; Favorite TV Program, Flintstones;

Favorite Actor, Paul Newman; Favorite Song, “What’d I Say”; Elected as Best Basketball Player by the Senior Class.

If you were going to the moon and could take only one small thing with you in your hand, what would you take?

Rana Hensley. Tomorrow I am leaving for the moon and this is my last night on earth. Before I go I want to give a prayer to my Blessed Lord, who has been so good to me for the last 17 years. “Please, dear God, if it be your will, guide me safely through the clouds and stars to the moon and back to earth.” I am taking with me the memory of the green grass growing on the hillside, the beautiful flowers blooming; the U.S. flag blowing in the breeze; children playing safely in the parks and people going about their own work, not even knowing I am leaving this wonderful earth for the godforsaken moon. In my hand I am taking a picture of my wonderful mother who always gave me help and cheer when in trouble and in time of need. Her smile through this flight will help me so very much, and her words “Keep trying” will help me through safely.

Sharon Reynolds: The only thing I would take with me is the Bible. I don’t think I will ever return to this dear old earth.

Gladys Huff: I would take with me all my pictures of my family and friends.

Barbara Stallard: I would take my spiritual guidebook. It would help me if I got into any kind of trouble along the way.

Newt Ingram: I would take a Bible to give me some courage in the most critical moments.

Yvonne Boggs: I would take a basket of food. If I ate a small amount each day, maybe I would be able to live to get back to earth.

Bessie Hamilton: If it meant just taking one thing with me to the moon I believe I would take my Journalism book. Don’t get the idea that I would be taking it to study, but to remember Mrs. Combs by.

Emma Meade: I would take a camera with me to

LOVETTE BROWN take pictures and see what life would be like on the moon.

Janice Kimberlin: I would take a parachute because when the moon people run after me I might have to jump!! Help!! The purple people eaters are after me.

Gossip: Whose class ring is Wanda Burton wearing, could it be Bob Lewis?

Who is it the Kat saw Wilma Ingram with, could it be Don Isom?

Herbert Crase, there’s a senior girl, who has her eye on you. You better watch out!

The Kat hears that Elaine and Joe are going steady … Good luck, kids.

Betty Spears who’s the sailor you’re getting letters from? Could it be James Stewart?

Tommy Shortt who’s that cute little blond I’ve seen you with, could Reecy Faye Mason tell us?

Why does Louise always go to Miss Wampler’s first period class, could Carlos be the reason?

There is a cute junior boy (namely Manuel Spangler) who is running around loose. Why don’t one of you junior girls grab him?

We hear Betty Moretz is planning on being a housewife —Good luck.

We don’t see John Henry Craft and that cute little redhead together any more. What’s wrong, John?

Wilma Caudill, we hear that you are getting married. Could the lucky guy be Jimmy Dobbs?

The Kat sees Tebo Hodge with Bugs Daniels quite a lot. Good luck, kids.

A senior girl who deserves being honored as the Senior Profile is Molly Boggs, who has made A’s and B’s all through high school. She is outstanding in home economics, English, and Speech. She won the essay contest, “Should Kentuckians vote ‘Yes’ on the Call for a Limited Constitutional Convention?” She is a member of the following clubs: Beta Club, Pep Club, and Speech. Congratulations, Molly! We are all proud of you.

Lovette Brown, new librarian makes many improvements

We have a new librarian this year, a very sweet and wonderful person, Mrs. Don Brown, a certified librarian who graduated from the University of Kentucky in Library Science. We are also fortunate to have an assistant librarian, Mrs. Kern Whitaker.

Plastic covers have been provided and placed on all of our new books to protect them from wear and tear. Back issues of all our magazines are being filed in plastic magazine covers and we can use them in searching for topics of interest in essay writing. There is also a most helpful display of pamphlets on careers and guidance which students are allowed to read or borrow. These are found on the front table in the library. Please take note of the neatness and arrangement of the books and the attractive bulletin board.

We think many improvements have been added to our library this year. We have 165 new books of fiction and 200 nonfiction.

(The above articles from the 1960-61 Black Kats and the 1961 Yearbook.)

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